It’s no secret: clowns have plagued our nightmares for centuries and will continue to do so for years to come. Bring your friends’ deepest childhood fears to life this Halloween by achieving the perfect killer clown makeup. Using our expert makeup tutorial, which showcases products and steps below, you’ll have everyone screaming and running in no time!

Get the Look:

White Eyeliner Pencil

Killer Clown Makeup Kit

White Cream Makeup

Clown Face Decal

Spirit Gum & Remover

Vampire Blood

Black and Red Wig

Adult Horror Clown Costume

Bleeding Clown Knife


  1. Take a glue stick and flatten your eyebrows.
  2. Use a white eyeliner pencil to map out smile and harlequin lines.
  3. Take the liquid latex and build up the lines along the sides of your mouth. Lay down a few base coats of latex and use a strip of single-ply tissue to cover those lines. Use latex on a sponge to go over those strips to seal it down. Repeat this three times.
  4. Next, roll two small pieces of tissues into a worm-like shape, lay them down along the sides of the cheeks on the other tissue, and leave a space between them to create the torn skin area. Follow up with liquid latex on top.
  5. To make an open wound on the forehead, follow the same steps as last step, but in a patch. For the wound, rip little holes in the latex by pulling at it and pinching with your fingers. Adjust to your liking. *TIP: Adding powder over the top of this latex can remove the stickiness.*
  6. Using the white cream makeup and a makeup sponge, cover your face except for your eyes as these will be darker later. As these can be drying, mix in a little moisturizer if you would like.
  7. Take the makeup wheel from the clown makeup kit and coat your lips in the red cream. Also, apply the same red on the tip of the nose like a clown. Next, take the red with a sponge and create a messy triangle around the eyes, add red to the wound, and accent the “smile” lines that you have created.
  8. With the black cream, fill in the eyes with it moving into the red triangles. Also, add it to the “wound” holes and cheek and lips to add more depth. Using a sponge, fade a little bit of the black in the corner of the lips to connect the lines to the red lips.
  9. Add more black cream to the eyes for a more solid look and create pointed lines in the harlequin triangles. Add black eye shadow for extra setting if you wish.
  10. Next, take the clown face decal and use the brows atop your own for a more sinister look. Add spirit gum on these for extra adhesive if you wish.
  11. Taking the scab blood, draw it on the lines of the cheek cut as well as add it to the “wounds.” Layer the vampire blood on the wounds for a more fresh blood look.
  12. Finally, complete the look with a red and black wig, killer clown costume, bleeding clown knife, and maybe even some creepy contacts.