Ahoy, mateys! September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! In order to celebrate the holiday to its fullest extent, you’ll need to be up to date on your pirate lingo. Luckily for you and your pirate crew, we’ve got you covered with all of the best pirate sayings for your night on the high seas! Pair these expressions with one of our many seaworthy pirate costumes and you’ll be ready to set sail!

Shiver me timbers is a phrase used by pirates to express shock or surprise. Have you noticed a kraken lurking under the waves? Or perhaps you’ve discovered a heaping pile of booty in a buried treasure chest? No matter the occasion, “shiver me timbers” is a perfect catch-all expression to add to your pirate lexicon. Shout “shiver me timbers!” into the night when you suit up in our Adult Pirate Costume, a classic pirate look featuring a pullover shirt, pants, an eyepatch, a bandana, a belt, and boot covers. With this timeless pirate ensemble, you’ll have everything you need for your time on the seven seas.

Avast ye, hearties is an expression used to get the attention of your crew. If you’re on lookout duty in the crow’s nest of your pirate ship and you’ve spotted an uncharted island on the horizon, call out “avast ye, hearties” to grab your crew’s attention! This expression is a must-have for any pirate… There’s no “I” in “crew,” after all! Take charge of your crew with our Castaway Cutie Pirate Costume from our Signature Collection. This cute look comes complete with a dress with a tiered skirt, a vest, a captain’s hat, a head wrap, a belt, and a dagger.

Aye, aye is a quick phrase used to express that you understand something another member of your crew has said. Did your captain just tell you to raise the sails? If you’re a real pirate, you’re not going to say “sure thing!” That question can only be answered with a hearty “aye, aye!” For a classic pirate saying like “aye, aye!” we recommend a classic pirate look like our Adult Pirate Costume from our Signature Collection! This ensemble comes complete with a vest and an attached chest strap, a collared cuffed shirt, pants, a skull-buckled belt, a captain’s hat, an eyepatch, and a dagger. With this stylish look, you’re sure to earn some “aye ayes” from your whole crew!

Walk the plank is a phrase that you never want to hear directed your way! If you’re told to walk the plank, you will quite literally be walking across a plank… straight into the sea. This punishment is reserved solely for those that have committed the worst of pirate misdeeds, so make sure you’re acting your best when on duty with your pirate crew! Tell one of your unruly crewmates to walk the plank in our Castaway Beauty Pirate Costume from our Signature Collection! This elegant look features a dress, a captain’s hat, a vest, a belt, a dagger, and a headband. With an ensemble like this, you’ll have complete command over your pirate crew in no time!

Batten down the hatches is not an expression that a crewmate should take lightly… When you hear this command shouted by your captain, you need to get to your station as soon as possible! This phrase is used to let the crew know that everything on the ship needs to be tied down and secured in order to prepare for an oncoming storm! The sea can be an unforgiving place, which any good pirate knows. Prepare your ship for anything the sea has to offer with the Kids Swashbuckling Sweetie Pirate Costume, an adorable look that features a classic pirate dress and a matching hat. With this stylish ensemble, you’ll look the part when you aid your crew in making sure your ship is still seaworthy on the other end of any storm.

Plundering booty is an expression used to describe a deed that pirates may be known for best… In pirate-speak, “plunder” means to steal, and “booty” means treasure. Depending on what kind of ship you’re running, your pirate crew may discover their own booty by following treasure maps, or they may just plunder it from other pirates or other seafaring crews they come across on the high seas. Either way, there’s no doubting that pirates will add more treasure to their collection by any means necessary. Before your crew attempts to plunder any booty, make sure they’re all set for a tough battle! Arm your crewmates with pirate swords and they are sure to strike fear in the hearts of any who cross your path! Looking for a trusty companion to have by your side through thick and thin on the high seas? Throw a parrot on your shoulder and your pirate crew will be complete!

Now that you’ve got the rundown on the most important expressions to ensure a night of hearty pirate fun, let’s do a quick lightning round of other phrases you may need to have at your disposal for your pirate persona. Yarrrrrrgh, perhaps one of the most well-known pirate expressions, is a must-have for any pirate-to-be, and can be used in any situation to show one’s excitement for life on the high seas! To really show your love for the sea, throw in a yo ho ho here and there and there will be no doubt that the sea is your true home. Rather than referring to your crewmates as “mateys” all of the time, mix it up by calling them a scalawag, an endearing term for your more mischievous crewmates! When you whip out any of these expressions alongside your swashbuckling pirate costume on International Talk Like a Pirate Day or on Halloween night, there will be no doubt that you’re no landlubber… that is, a person unfamiliar with the pirate life!