With Halloween less than two months away, it’s about time to start planning a Halloween party that your guests will never forget! No matter what vibe you’re going for, Spirit Halloween has you covered with spooky decorations, costumes for any kind of look, and ideas that will take your festivities to the next level. Start prepping your invite list, because your guests aren’t going to want to miss this!

Brighten up the party with some spooky lighting!

The first step to any great Halloween party is choosing a festive ambiance. If you’re looking for a classic spooky feel, swap out your typical lightbulbs with some red LED bulbs. These hellish bulbs will change your cozy home into a haunted house in an instant! Going for an even darker vibe? Go with black LED bulbs instead for the perfect nighttime feel. Now that your bulbs are in order, add some illuminating detail around the room for just the right amount of light. Adorn your walls with orange or purple string lights, or show your love for the holiday with a light-up Happy Halloween banner! Going for a more animated look? From ghosts and pumpkins to spiders and witches, we’ve got Whirl-A-Motion LED lights for any terrifying taste.

Fill up every room with terrifying decorations!

Whether you’re going for a ghoulish graveyard, a witch’s den, or a spider-infested lair, we’ve got a huge array of dreadful decorations for any haunted home! No matter which look you’re going for, nothing beats the classics. Scatter skulls and bones around your home with our assorted bag of bones, or hang up skeletons around the place if you’ve got room for some undead company. Fill corners of the ceiling with stretchy spiderwebs and adorn them with scattered creepy crawlers for all your arachnophobic guests, and maybe even throw in a giant hairy spider if you’re feeling really devilish. If you’re looking for something with less than eight legs, throw some rats into the mix; they’re perfectly suited for hiding out and scaring guests in the most unexpected places! Add some bloody handprints to your windows or mirrors for an extra touch of terror and you’ll be on the right track for a truly terrifying haunted house! If you really want to take your spooky scene to the next level, check out our collection of animatronics! These totally terrifying animated Halloween props move and make noise and are sure to be a total scream.

Set the mood with some spooky tunes!

Now that you’ve got the look of your party down, it’s time to set the ambiance with some haunting music to get the Halloween vibes just right. Turning your happy home into a creepy haunted house? Play some ghoulish, ghostly sounds at a low volume throughout the house to set the bone-chilling atmosphere. Throwing your very own monster mash? Play some classic Halloween tunes that will get everyone up and dancing. If the songs are just right, you’re sure to have a graveyard smash! No matter what feel you’re going for, a great playlist is a must-have for any Halloween party.

Set the table with some scary, scrumptious snacks!

Keep your hungry guests happy with some Halloween-themed snacks and beverages! Transform your typical bowl of punch into a witch’s brew when you throw it in a cauldron, or serve it up under the guise of blood for any vampires in attendance. Fashion the dip for your chips into the shape of a brain for your undead zombie guests if you’re going for a spooky snack, or decorate some marshmallow or white chocolate treats with ghostly faces for a cuter option! And what kind of Halloween party would it be without a whole bunch of candy? Serve your favorite sweet treats up in a cauldron or a creepy skull bowl, and make sure to refill as needed as the night progresses. Don’t be afraid to get creative! From decorated cookies and candy corn creations to other cleverly crafted treats, you’ll be sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Put everyone’s costumes to the test with a costume contest!

If you want to encourage your guests to get creative with their Halloween costumes, let everyone know beforehand that your party will feature a costume contest! Introduce different categories so partygoers have an array of looks to explore and to encourage some variety among everyone’s looks. As the night commences, have your guests vote on the funniest costume, the best couples costume, the scariest costume, and other fun categories! If you really want to give your guests an incentive to put their all into their costumes, add in the promise of sweet prizes for the winner, or winners, of the contest! Whether that prize is a huge bag of candy, an enviable trophy, or something else entirely, your guests are sure to get excited when they find out they could take home a coveted prize along with best costume bragging rights. Want to make sure you’re in the running for the big prize? Check out our huge selection of Halloween costumes and find something that’s sure to turn heads on Halloween night.

Keep the good times rolling with fun party games and activities!

To keep the energy alive at your party, organize activities throughout the night to keep your guests entertained and having a great time! Play Halloween-themed games if you’re trying to keep the energy fun and light, or break out the Ouija board if you want to take things to a scarier level. Bust out the pumpkin carving kit and put your guests’ artistic skills to the test, or gather around and tell scary stories as the night winds down to really embrace the Halloween spirit. There’s no need to abide by a strict schedule (this is a party, after all!), but it doesn’t hurt to have a loose plan to keep the party going all night long!

Now you’ve got plenty of great Halloween party ideas to throw a bash that everyone will be talking about!

What are your must-haves for the perfect Halloween party? Reach out to us at spiritblog@spirithalloween.com and let us know!