Is there anything more fun than gooey slime? It’s a classic for kids of all ages, and with this glitter glue slime recipe, it’s simple! So it shouldn’t be surprising that we decided to join in on the fun! This quick and simple DIY slime recipe will have you playing with your own slime in no time at all. The best part is that your kids will have all the fun making it with you. You can see below for a base list of ingredients, plus a few extra if you want to get even more creative!

What you’ll need to make slime with glue:

  • Glue
  • Contact lens solution
  • Baking soda
  • A bowl
  • Glitter (Optional)
  • Food coloring (Optional)

Keep in mind that things are going to get a bit…well, messy. But isn’t that part of the fun? It’ll be a great hands-on experience, not to mention the fact that it’ll keep your kids distracted for the rest of the day!

Step 1: First you put your glue into a bowl. You can use regular craft glue, though you don’t have to settle for the basic stuff! Certain kinds of glue now come in colorful, glitter styles that are sure to mesmerize—and will make your slime look pretty right off the bat. But remember that it’s all up to you and that any kids’ craft glue is sure to work fine! For our slime specifically, we decided to use glue that already had some pretty, sparkly blue glitter.

how to make slime

Step 2:  Add the baking soda and stir in, before finally adding the contact solution. The contact solution will react with the glue and baking soda to create the perfect, slimy consistency.

Step 3:  If you have glitter, glow-in-the-dark paint or food coloring for your slime, now would be the time to add it. Just a few drops of coloring is all you need…though the amount of glitter is subjective. Mix it into your creation and watch as your simple slime turns into slime that’s totally out of this world!

slime recipe

Hoping to make this experiment educational? You’re in luck! Not only is creating slime an excellent example of chemical reactions, but slime is also considered a non-Newtonian fluid. A non-Newtonian fluid is a liquid that can have the properties of a solid in certain situations. In the case of slime, it will act more like a solid the more stress that is applied to it. Pour the slime slowly, and it’ll drip like a thick liquid—but if you slap it or rip it quickly, it’ll act more like a solid. Talk about getting a science lesson!

If you decide to follow along with this quick and easy glitter slime recipe, or if you have one of your own that you want to share, then we’d love to see it! Email us pictures of your ooey, gooey slime to, and we may just feature you in a future blog post!