You may have already chosen your perfect costume for Halloween this year, but you’re not done yet… Before you’re ready to take on the night, you need to be able to act the part, too! From aliens to zombies, we’ve got all the tips you need to truly complete your ensemble.


Take to the stars on Halloween night as an out-of-this-world alien! After you choose a look from our variety of interstellar options for alien costumes, your next move is convincing everyone you’re not from this world. For starters, throw some alien lingo into your vocabulary. Drop a “take me to your leader” into a conversation, or show confusion with common human expressions or items. If someone asks where you’re from, point to the stars and mention a planet they’ve never heard of. When you’re ready to make your exit, you’ll have the perfect out when you mention that the meter’s almost up in your spaceship’s parking spot.


If you’re looking to embrace your wild side on Halloween night, consider one of our untamable animal costumes! Depending on which fierce animal you choose, you’ll need to complete the look with some of its trademark characteristics! Dressing up as a monkey? Carry around a banana and practice your best “oo-oo, ah-ah’s!” If you’re suiting up as a sloth, make sure you take the night nice and slooooow… That means talk slow, move slow, and be an all-around chill member of your pack. If you’re going with that adorable penguin look, make sure you practice your waddle! Whether you’re pounding your chest like a gorilla, roaring like a lion, or clucking like a chicken, you’re sure to have a wild night of fun.


Before you grab your pom-poms and slip on your adorable cheerleader outfit, you’ve got some routines to practice! Give me a “P!” Give me an “E!” Give me another “P!” What does that spell? Pep! If there’s one thing you’ll need to really sell your cheerleader look, it’s lots and lots of pep. Make sure you’ve got some cheers up your sleeve and get the whole party chanting with you, or if you really want to impress the room, put on a show with a few cartwheels!


If you’re looking to clown around or have some frightening fun on Halloween night, suit up in one of our clown costumes and get ready for your big performance! If you’re going for that classic, happy clown character, rehearse some knock-knock jokes, practice your best clown laugh, and maybe even learn how to tie balloon animals that you can give to people you come across during the night! Going for more of a scary clown look? Turn that happy-go-lucky clown laugh into a creepy cackle and swap out the balloon animals for a single red balloon to lure in unsuspecting partygoers… No matter which route you choose to take, you’ll be set to clown around all night!

Ghosts & Demons

Complete any creepy, paranormal costume with some absolutely hair-raising tricks. At your next Halloween party, cause some trouble and get everyone screaming when you flicker the lights, or sneak up on your friends from the shadows and give them a scare! Wander throughout the party and give cold, deathly stares to those you want to spook, or get everyone in a chilling mood when you tell them your favorite ghost story. If you’re really trying to set the scene, break out an official Ouija board and try to contact the other side. With a classic spooky ensemble like this, you’re guaranteed to bring the Halloween spirit as, well… a Halloween spirit!


Everyone will be lining up to gaze into your crystal ball on Halloween night when you dress up as an enchanting gypsy. The costume may give you that mystical look, but it’s up to you to complete the mysterious persona. Offer your friends and other partygoers a fortune-telling session if you’re feeling up to the task. Who knows? Something you say might just end up coming true! Practice your divination with tarot cards and provide some cosmic guidance to all those who seek it. If you follow these tips, we’re certain that a night of enchanting fun is in your future.


YARRRRRRGH! Slip on one of our seaworthy pirate costumes and get ready to set sail on Halloween night! While an eyepatch, a parrot, and a captain’s hat are sure to get the point across, we all know there’s much more to a pirate than the outfit. Pirate lingo is going to be just as important as any costume or accessory, so practice those classic pirate catchphrases! “Walk the plank!” “Ahoy, matey!” “Batten down the hatches!” Once you’ve got some of your favorite pirate sayings on deck, you’ll need a crew! Get your whole swashbuckling squad to dress up in matching gear and take on the night together. All hands on deck!


If you “vant” to really bring your vampire costume to life, the first thing you’ll need to do is drop all of the W’s from your vocabulary and switch those with V’s. You don’t “want a glass of water”… you “vant a glass of vater.” This simple change will make it seem like you came all the way from Transylvania for the Halloween party! Of course, you’re going to need to avoid all of the things vampires can’t tolerate… That means no garlic, no sunlight, and definitely no wooden stakes. If you really want to show your dedication, bring along some red food dye and add a tint of red to all of your drinks for the evening. Vampires are fueled by blood, so you should play the part, too!


Add some magical mischief to any party with one of our spellbinding witch costumes! Once you don your cape and hat and grab your broomstick, start the night off right by preparing some potions for your friends. Whether that’s a bowl of punch or an even stronger brew, show off your witchy side and craft something up in your cauldron for all to enjoy. Impress guests with your knowledge of spells and hexes, and regale them with tales of your bewitching adventures. Complete the look when you let out your best witch’s cackle and you’ll be all set for a night of wicked fun!


Take it slow on Halloween night and wander around as a ghoulish zombie. With some raggedy clothes and gaunt makeup, you’ll certainly look the part, but your undead attitude is important to complete the ensemble. Shuffle from room to room, dragging your feet across the floor and stretching your arms out in front of you, searching for your next unknowing victim. Practice your best long, drawn-out groan to really distinguish yourself as one of the undead. And of course, if someone offers you a snack, ask if they have any brains instead!

Think you’ve got some more tips to get into character on Halloween? Email us at and let us know the go-to moves that bring your Halloween costume to life!