On November 6th, 1983, Will Byers went missing in Hawkins, Indiana. To commemorate this occasion, Stranger Things fans from all over have come together to celebrate the new holiday, Stranger Things Day. If you love the ’80s nostalgia of Stranger Things and all the supernatural aspects of Hawkins, Indiana, Spirit Halloween has everything you need to party with Demogorgons in the Upside Down.

From Stranger Things costumes to party supplies, Spirit Halloween is ready to help your family and friends honor your favorite TV show on this special day. On Stranger Things Day, we queue up your favorite episodes, cook up some waffles and serve bowls of ice cream, dress up like your favorite characters, and you’re ready to be transported back in time. Whether you’re getting together at home with your family or roommates or doing a virtual celebration, you can relive the thrill of Stranger Things on the same day as many other ardent fans.

Ahoy! We have Scoops Ahoy costumes! Join Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley at their summer job serving ice cream at Scoops Ahoy. Spirit Halloween has kids and adult Steve Scoops Ahoy sailor costumes, as well as kids and adult Robin Scoops Ahoy sailor costumes. Complete your costume with a hat and name pin from the Scoops Ahoy Costume Kit. Or, for a more casual look, put on the Scoops Ahoy tote bag and shirt.   

Stranger Things adult Robin Scoops Ahoy costume

If you get a lot of nosebleeds, have psychokinetic powers, and were raised in a lab, Spirit Halloween has all you need for the perfect Eleven costume. Here you’ll find all the elements that make up Eleven’s iconic look, including the pink Eleven dress in kids and adult sizes (and plus size), along with an Eleven jacket, athletic socks, makeup kit, and, of course, her waffle purse. Or you can opt to go incognito with the Eleven doll half mask. We also have an Eleven battle costume kit, complete with her yellow button down shirt, suspenders and (see-through!) blindfold. For more of a season 3 look, we have Eleven’s geometric romper in kids and adult sizes, as well as the Eleven geometric shirt and Starcourt Mall tote for some colorful retro style. 

Stranger Things kids Eleven dress costume

If you’re more one of the boys, especially the funny one missing his two front teeth, we have the Dustin three-colored trucker hat as well as Dustin’s Camp Know Where hat and Camp Know Where t shirt. For an alternative look, put on the Dustin Waupaca Wis. t shirt, available in kids and adult sizes. Either way, you’ll look just like this popular Stranger Things character. Want to go all out with your Dustin getup? Add a Dustin mullet wig to nail down his look perfectly.

Stranger Things Camp Know Where t shirt

For casual costume looks this Stranger Things Day, you can dress up in an alphabet wall t-shirt for kids or adults, or a Welcome to Hawkins t shirt and accessorize with a Christmas light-up necklace. Hang your own Stranger Things string lights to set the perfect festive mood. Lay down the law and hope this date night goes well as Hopper in this “cutting-edge” Hawaiian button down. Be the nosy best friend with iconic red hair when you put on an official ruffled Barb shirt.

Stranger Things adult alphabet wall t shirt

If you’re in a warm area and looking to have a Stranger Things pool party, Spirit Halloween is your destination for the perfect party supplies. We have the Demogorgon Inflatable Sprinkler, the Dart pool float, or waffle pool float so you can splash around, Hawkins style. Party like it’s 1980! 

Stranger Things waffle pool float

It’s obvious Stranger Things has achieved cult TV status. If you can’t wait to get back to Hawkins, Indiana to fight government conspiracies with the ragtag gang of middle schoolers, Spirit Halloween has got you covered. Celebrate Stranger Things Day on November 6 with the number one Stranger Things merchandise destination, Spirit Halloween.