Ready to create a horrifying lifelike look that’ll freak everyone out? We’ve outlined some step-by-step directions that will make applying fangs a total breeze! No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, these easy to follow directions will make your dressing up experience quick and easy, so you can get to the costume contest and blow everyone away! Check them out:

How to apply Spirit Halloween brand fangs

Pro tip: Only do one tooth at a time. These fangs are meant to be one-time use.

  1. Boil water
  2. Pour into a new pot or bowl
  3. Drop half of the package of beads into water
  4. Leave them in until they turn from white to clear
  5. Take out beads with a metal spoon
  6. Roll them into a worm-like shape
  7. Material dries fast, so place the adhesive into the fang and press firmly up onto your tooth for no longer than one minute
    1. If it dries too quickly or you mess up, you can always reheat the adhesive
  8. Press any excess adhesive back into the tooth and onto roof of your mouth for best fit
  9. Remove fang
  10. Let adhesive completely dry
  11. Repeat process for each tooth


How to Apply Fake Fangs

How to apply Scarecrow brand fangs:

Pro tip: These kits come with extra powder capsules so you can start over if adhesive reaches a rubber-like consistency.

  1. Prepare the adhesive
  2. Twist one capsule of powder apart and put it into the container
  3. Collect all the powder onto one edge of the container
  4. Add four drops of liquid
  5. Mix until achieving a toothpaste-like consistency
  6. Spread the paste onto the walls of the tooth, but not into the cavity
    1. Do this quick, otherwise it’ll become rubberier and will not fit to your tooth as well
  7. To size it, push the fang up onto your tooth. Do not wiggle it around
  8. Excess mixture may come up as you’re sizing it, but this is good since you’ll get a better fit
    1. You may remove excess mixture from the front areas and other places where it may be more visible, but leave excess adhesive from the sides for best fit
  9. Hold fang onto tooth for five minutes
  10. After holding for five minutes, let the fang sit on your tooth for another 10-15 minutes
  11. Once it has completely hardened, push forward a little bit to remove. You will hear a clicking sound
  12. Fang will now click in and out of place
  13. Repeat process for each tooth

How to apply Spirit Halloween brand retractable fangs:

  1. Drop fangs into a bowl of hot water to soften dental putty
  2. Leave them in hot water until putty is completely clear
  3. Find the right spot in your mouth where the fangs will line up with your canine teeth
  4. Bite down or press the mouthpiece up into your teeth for one minute
  5. After sitting for one minute, run entire mouthpiece under cool water until putty material turns white
  6. Fangs can now be placed in mouth and retracted as desired


Now that you got the hang of it, start planning your next horrifying Halloween look! Shop all of our vampire fangs and costume teeth and show us your final look! Send us pictures to for a chance to be featured in a future post.


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