Having flashbacks to a Halloween party at town hall? Picturing Winnie Sanderson singing this tune and enchanting partygoers to dance until they die? If so, then you are definitely a Disney Hocus Pocus fan!

With Halloween getting closer and closer, we are watching this cult classic on repeat and have compiled a list of our favorite characters, songs and other things about this beloved film. Tell us if we missed your favorites at spiritblog@spirithalloween.com!

That Hair

The Sanderson sisters rocked some looks, that’s for sure! Their looks worked during the Salem Witch Trials in 1693, in 1993, and now! If you want to replicate these looks, check out our Sanderson Sisters hair tutorial here.

Billy Butcherson

‘Nuff said? Okay, maybe not. While his love for Winnie was cute, seeing him rip open his stitches just to insult her may be one of our favorite moments in the film.


We all almost shed a tear when Binx was mortally wounded, but we definitely saw some waterworks when he and Emily walked into the afterlife.

That Song

Winnie kills it when she belts out the song at the Halloween party, hence why we mentioned it already. Yep– it’s going to be stuck in our heads for the rest of the day.

Spell Book

That creepy eye seeking its master still haunts us a bit. We’re patiently waiting for our books to come to life…

Eternal Youth

The witches using children as the fountain of youth? Makes sense. Come on– who doesn’t want a rockin’ body for eternity?!

Sisters Mary and Sarah Sanderson

The two sisters steal the film by making us laugh the entire time. While Mary barks and sniffs children out like a dog, Sarah and her quirky, ditsy ways will warm your heart in a creepy way.