New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration! Everybody is eager to close the year with an awesome night and reminisce on the good times they had over the past 364 days. But not every New Year’s Eve is filled with happiness and cheer… This special holiday is considered to be one of the most haunted days of the year. We have two chilling New Year’s Eve ghost stories that’ll certainly keep you up past midnight. If you love things that go bump in the night, continue reading (if you dare).

The Woman in Red at the Drake Hotel

On New Year’s Eve in 1920, just after opening, the Drake Hotel in Chicago threw a celebration to remember. Rich people and big time celebrities from all over the world attended the party, excited to see the beautiful new building and ring in the new year. One of the attendees would become a part of history that night. Haunting history…

A man and his fiancée were at the event. The fiancée, who was dressed in a vibrant red gown, caught her husband being disloyal. She was torn apart by it. In a fit of rage and sadness, she threw herself from the 10th floor window, ending her life.

They thought they’d seen the last of the poor woman, but multiple sightings of an apparition in a red dress have been reported at the hotel since her demise. Some say that she’s intent on replaying her final night, as she’s typically seen wondering the 10th floor where she took her own life. She’s also been seen roaming the hallways, seemingly unaware that she’d passed away over a century ago.

Sometimes the truly heartbroken just can’t let go.

New Year’s Eve Lady in White

Tales of a lady in white are common when it comes to ghost stories. Most of these ghosts are stuck relieving the final moments of their lives over and over for decades, and sometimes centuries (similar to the story above). But you know you have a powerful (and potentially dangerous) phantom on your hands when they have the ability to intrude. That’s exactly what the New Year’s Eve lady in white does.

For years, NYE party hosts from all over the world have reported an uninvited guest that showed up to their celebration. This guest isn’t seen entering the house. They just appear. They don’t socialize. They don’t eat or enjoy a beverage. They just roam through the party as if it were happening in their own home.

If you see an uninvited guest dressed in white at your New Year’s celebration, you’re getting a visit from the lady in white. Just ignore her and she will see herself out. But if you confront her or upset her, you can be sure you’ll feel her wrath…

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