Halloween costume trends come and go, but there’s one thing that’s remained unchanged over the past 35 years: we love our fans SO much, it’s scary! That’s why we’re declaring every Friday leading up to Halloween as “Fan-Appreciation Friday”.

Are you the ultimate Halloween fan? Were you daydreaming about your next Halloween costume while beach-goers were basking in the sun? Well, we’re dying to hear from you!

Show us your spooktacular spirit by emailing spiritblog@spirithalloween.com or mentioning @Spirithalloween on your next Halloween-themed Instagram for a chance to be featured on our blog or social channels.

Here are some FANG-tastic fan photos we received this month. Happy haunting, you boo-tiful souls, you!

Halloween Decorations | Fogging Basement Doors

This 11-year old guest loves our animatronics so much that he created his own book to house all of our backstories as well as hand-drawn pictures! Now THAT’S dead-ication!


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#DoubleTrouble #SpiritHalloween @SpiritHalloween. We love the twins Annie and Ally!

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@2twinsandmore gave a whole new meaning to DOUBLE TROUBLE!  👻👻 EEEK!


Clearly, @dorkzombie ain’t afraid of no ghosts when armed with our exclusive Ghostbusters Proton Pack!


A baby holding zombie babies?! How adorably creepy! Thanks for the laughs, @zombdean


Look out, Riverdale High! @luxy_lace and crew are coming for you!



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Something’s got you up all night so tell me #WhoYouGonnaCall #Ghostbusters #🚫👻 #SpiritHalloween #GhostTrap new parts to the costume.

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Who ya gonna call? Clearly @joshbrownisalive, who’s ready to battle ghosts with his dapper looks and exclusive Ghost Trap!