Halloween 2020 is almost here! Show off your love of Halloween early by creating your neighborhood’s scariest door. Everyone walking or driving by will know that you’re ready for a truly spooky Halloween. You can even schedule separate photo shoots for each of your neighbors so they can get an up close look (if they dare!) and celebrate the kickoff of Halloween season.

One bonus of Halloween door décor is that visitors can keep a safe distance and still be totally frightened. You can even watch them from inside and see how they react when your door knocker starts talking. It’ll be a treat for you to see how scared you can make them. If you’re leaving candy outside for those trick-or-treating, this décor can do the talking—and haunting—for you. They’re so terrifying you just might scare yourself too! Isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

From not-so-inviting welcome mats and creepy cobwebs to eerie lights that set a sinister scene, here are 12 awesome Halloween door decorations that are sure to scare and delight everyone who dares to approach.

Michael Myers Welcome Doormat - Halloween

Michael Myers Welcome Doormat

What would Halloween be without the true king of horror himself? Flaunt your love for everything Halloween by decorating your doorstep with this Halloween themed Michael Myers doormat. Showcasing a sinister image of the masked murderer and an ominous “Welcome, We’ve Been Expecting You” message, all who so much as glimpse your doorstep are bound to get shakes and shivers before they even reach the doormat!

12-inch light-up evil talking clown door knocker decoration

12-Inch Light-Up Evil Talking Clown Door Knocker Decoration

Terrorize the town with a seriously creepy clown door knocker. With a downright spine-chilling smile, light-up eyes, and three different horrifying sayings, this scary Halloween decoration is bound to scare even the most courageous.

glow in the dark spiderwebs

Glow in the Dark Spiderweb

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you picture a haunted house? Spooky spiderwebs, of course! Deck your door with this seriously scary glow-in-the-dark spiderweb. The super stretchy material can accommodate all door sizes and adds a terrifying touch to any front porch.

glow in the dark spiders set

Glow in the Dark Spiders Set

Complete your doorway of doom look by topping your glow-in-the-dark spiderwebs with gruesome and glowing creepy-crawlies. Our set of glow in the dark spiders will add the perfect touch for the perfect fearsome scene.

Beetlejuice wreath

Beetlejuice It’s Showtime Wreath

With a chilling mixture of purples petals, black leaves, and shimmery spiderwebs, this decorative wreath truly pays homage to one of the most classic Halloween movies of all time. Proudly show your love of Beetlejuice by hanging this wreath on your front door. Just be sure not to say his name three times!

bloody door cover

Bloody Welcome Door Cover

Guts, gore, and gloom are in store for all who see it when you place this hair-raising bloody door cover on your front door. Complete with bloody handprints and a blood-curdling “Welcome” message, this chilling cover is guaranteed to be frightfully fun!

bloody hand drips

Bloody Hand Drips

Whether you place these easy-to-remove bloody hand stickers on your door or windows, they’re guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of whoever spies them!

Ghostbusters string lights

Ghostbusters String Lights

Slimer and the rest of the ghoulish gang are here to stay when you string up these Ghostbusters lights on your front door. Featuring the beloved green ghost and the Marshmallow Man, these throwback string lights will certainly wow all of your Halloween passersby.

Freddy Krueger string lights

Freddy Krueger String Lights

Make your house the stuff of nightmares when you garnish your front door with these Nightmare on Elm Street officially licensed Freddy Krueger string lights. Featuring mini heads of the Springwood slasher himself, these lights also play creepy music to truly fright and delight!

Ouija board doormat

Ouija Board Doormat

Dare to commune with the dead right at your doorstep when you get this haunting Ouija board doormat. Anyone who darkens your doorstep is bound to be petrified when they set foot on this magical message board.

menacing creep window cling

Menacing Creep

Creep out anyone who approaches by hanging this lurker on the inside of your front door! His hooded face and piercing blue eyes will give everyone the chills.

Sam Trick 'r Treat greeter

19.75 Inch Sam Greeter

Want to give those walking up your front path a hair-raising experience? Place this iconic Sam greeter, from the movie Trick ‘r Treat, by your door to scare folks straight. Complete with a masked face and large bowl to hold tons of treats, Sam is ready to spook!

By decorating your front door with spooky décor, you’ll be sure all who so much as get a peek at your home will have a good time! If you want even more ideas to turn your home frightfully festive, check out Spirit’s gigantic selection of Halloween decorations.