When it comes time to make Halloween 2019 horrifying and bring tons of terror to the festivities, what better way to get started than by displaying some décor to get you in the spirit of the season? From witching hour supplies to help you look like you can call upon the dead, to spooky vintage décor, to stalking slashers out for blood, Spirit Halloween has it all.

Horror Movie Decorations

Need something to keep you up at night? Well, we have décor from every one of your worst nightmares. Our horror movie décor features every true horror fans’ favorite slasher. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Sam from Trick ‘r Treat, and just about every legendary horror character are all here to make this Halloween a little extra bloody. Make this the scariest Halloween you and your friends have ever had with posters, banners, mugs, and glassware from your favorite horror films.

Zombie Babies Decorations

There’s nothing cute or cuddly about this group of undead infants. Pick up any of these brain-eating babies for a creepy twist on your Halloween décor. Whether you like Wall Diaper Dan, Spider Biter Billie, Deceptive Dougie, or Hung Up Hank, these zombie rug rats are a Halloween nightmare waiting to happen. Let the little guys invade your home this year for an especially eerie experience.

Doll Decorations

No one is playing around with this set of deadly doll décor. No matter what your taste, we have the perfect demonic doll to complete your décor this Halloween. The horror icons Chucky and Tiffany make the perfect sinister combination to take over your home. Or if Child’s Play isn’t quite your thing, take terrifying to a whole new level with an Abandoned Annie animatronic sure to instill fear into the hearts of anyone who passes. Watch as she brandishes her gruesomely broken teeth and waits for her next victim to pass by. These dolls are sure to give a scare no matter which one you choose.

DIY Decorations

Celebrate Halloween by keeping all the chaos under your control. Unleash the whole haunted house at once and petrify the party from anywhere with a Multi-Prop Remote that controls all of your animatronics. You can also paralyze partygoers with fear as the doors in your home open and close on their own. The Door-Opening Mechanism will make anyone think your house is filled with evil spirits as it comes alive. Take the horror to new heights with sinister swinging props created by a Prop Swinging Mechanism, or make the morbid décor a little more mobile this year when you add our Battery Pack Adapter to any of your power-dependent décor. Now you can terrify your neighborhood from any direction; no need to worry about those annoying extensions chords!

Witching Decorations

Deep into the night, from high up in the dark sky, witches fly on broomsticks casting spells to make your Halloween a little more wicked. Get ready for the witching hour on the creepiest night of the year. With this décor, you can pretend to conjure spirits or act as you can speak with the dead. From wreaths, cups, and crystal balls, to witch décor including signs offering flying lessons, books of spells and potions to proudly display, we have everything you’ll need to make your home coven-worthy.

Tarot Decorations

Look into your crystal ball and show the whole party your new-found “psychic abilities” this Halloween. Pretend to interpret all the signs and make your own predictions for the future for all your guests. You’ll appear to know the past, present, and future when you fill our home with décor from the tarot collection.

Harry Potter Decorations

You’re a wizard, Harry! Whether you were sorted into Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, you’ll be ready for Halloween with some Harry Potter décor straight from Hogwarts. Grab your wand and get ready to cast some spells with décor that will make you feel like you’re on the other side of platform 9¾. From banners that rep your favorite houses to drinkware, mugs, and games, Spirit has all of the Harry Potter gear you’re looking for.

Dark Forest Decorations

Coming from the deepest places in the darkest forests, and within the halls of the oldest, spookiest Victorian mansions, this creepy collection of décor is sure to make any guest in your home scream with terror. Haunt the halls of your home with these dark and spooky decorations including wreaths, spine-shaped candles, and terrifying tablecloths set to make Halloween extra creepy.

Vintage Decorations

Boo! Are you a fan of scaring all of your guests the good old-fashioned way? Cover your home with everything from black cats to jack-o-lanterns, and ghosts that look like they’re made out of a bedsheet. If you think Halloween is the perfect time to be surrounded by witches, skeletons, and all things that say “boo,” then you’ve found the perfect place to decorate your home. We have all the Halloween décor sure to make your home spectacularly spooky this year.

Steampunk Decorations

For all those ready to go steam-powered this Halloween, we’ve got some good stuff to send your way. There are tons of decorations for a trend on the rise, and it’s ready to take over your home for Halloween. From lamps and clocks to banners and wreaths, the combination of old tech and modern style is sure to get your gears moving as well as give your home a different sort of look this Halloween.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see, this, our town of Halloween. We’re ready for Halloween with The Nightmare Before Christmas décor straight from Halloweentown. There’s décor featuring all of your favorite characters from the movie from Jack and Sally to Zero and everyone in between. At Spirit, we take the saying “Every day is Halloween” seriously.

Hocus Pocus Decorations

In the witch capital of the world, Salem, Massachusetts, a villainous group of witches are resurrected. The Sanderson sisters are here to cast a spell on your home, filling it with frightfully fun Hocus Pocus décor. From drinkware to potion bottle-shaped cookie jars, to hangable signs and doormats, Halloween will never be so wicked and full of magic than when the Sanderson sisters take over your décor.

Ouija Decorations

Decorate for Halloween with a little help from another plane. Now the whole party can get in on channeling every spirit in the room this Halloween with Ouija board-themed decorations. If you love the eerie feeling of undead spirits in your home, check out all of this Ouija-themed stuff. Everything from fleece blankets and pillows to placemats, doormats, and even party packs, we’ve got your one-way ticket to the plane of the undead.

Ready or not, Halloween is almost here and we have all the goods to get you there. Now that you’ve got the 411 on some of our favorite Halloween decoration ideas, what theme will you choose? Send us pictures of your Halloween scene to spiritblog@spirithalloween.com and you may be featured in a future blog post!