Halloween 2020 is almost here! This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday, which many consider the best day of the week to celebrate. Saturday Halloweens are so popular that there’s even been a petition to get the official date changed from October 31 so it’s always celebrated on Saturday. (In 2021, Halloween falls on a Sunday.)

Even though Halloween isn’t until the very last day of October, we don’t mind if you start the festivities early! We bet you don’t mind, if you’re one of the millions who can’t get enough of Halloween, which is actually the second most popular holiday in the United States! Halloween 2020 is unique in many ways. You may have even heard rumors that Halloween is canceled this year, but au contraire! Our Spirit Halloween stores are opening soon, and our website is ready for you to shop your heart out so you can transform your home and yourself.

Here at Spirit Halloween, we want you to have the best Halloween ever, so to help you do that, here’s an overview of what Halloween is all about and what to expect when you dress up this year.

Your celebrations may look a little different this year, but we hope you’re excited to celebrate Halloween 2020 to the max! Before we tell you about the hottest 2020 costumes, we wanted to share some fun facts about Halloween.

Why We Celebrate Halloween 

People of all ages love Halloween, whether they celebrate by dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating to collect candy, giving out candy, decorating their homes, or hosting parties. The allure of the mysterious is one reason for the high interest in the Halloween season, but Halloween actually has a long history.

Halloween is not originally an American holiday; the majority of Halloween’s cultural origins stem from non-Western areas, notably the Celts.  The beginnings of modern-day Halloween can be traced to Pagan beliefs from Gaelic areas (i.e. Ireland, Scotland, England, Isle of Man). Specifically, the Celtic festival Samhain has been the major historical factor shaping Halloween as it is practiced today in the United States. Consider it the precursor of Halloween. In the United States, Halloween parades have been happening since 1894, so there’s a long history of celebrating.

Halloween 2020 Has a Rare Full Moon

There will be a full moon on Halloween 2020, which is actually a rarity. In many depictions of Halloween, people are dressed up in costumes and trick-or-treating under a full moon. In actuality, there usually isn’t a full moon on Halloween. A full moon typically occurs only once on Halloween every eighteen or nineteen years! In 2019, there was a waxing moon, so only a sliver was visible to celebrators. The last Halloween full moon happened in 2001, and the one before that was in 1955!

So this year’s full moon means there’s all the more reason to rejoice in the spookiness of Halloween. Each moon phase has a different appearance and a slight variation in its “meaning.”

Halloween 2020 Safety Tips 

Halloween is a huge event in the United States in which many people all over the country celebrate a spooky evening! While enjoying this popular holiday, it’s also important to be safe and smart this Halloween season with a few simple safety tips to protect you and your family.

First, if your kids are going trick-or-treating, make sure they’re going with you or a guardian in order to be safe at night (or with friends if they’re old enough to go alone). At least one member of the group should carry a flashlight to help you see where you’re going in the dark. Make sure you carefully look where you’re going.

To ensure everyone’s safety, use fake weapons that are designed as props rather than any household items that may be overly sharp.

Lastly, parents of younger children should make sure any candy doesn’t pose a choking hazard. Check their candy first before letting them eat it to ensure that everything is fully sealed.! 

Halloween 2020 & COVID-19 

COVID-19 will likely impact how you go about celebrating Halloween 2020. There are still plenty of ways for you and your family to safely and effectively participate. Social distancing, masks, and safety precautions will allow you to still have an amazing time this Halloween. 

If you usually host a crowded Halloween party, consider an alternative, like showing off your Halloween costume in your backyard or driveway from an appropriate distance.

Check with your neighbors and town to see how what’s happening locally regarding Halloween and COVID-19 so you can celebrate and protect yourself. You’ll want to plan ahead and make sure you coordinate any Halloween activities in advance, so that everyone is on the same page.

Whether you’re hosting a socially distant Halloween movie night, doing drive by trick-or-treating, or organizing a virtual Halloween party, you can get creative, protect your health, and still make the most of your favorite holiday.

Halloween 2020 Shopping

Our Spirit Halloween stores are opening soon and our website is now open, which means you can start your Halloween 2020 shopping early. If you’re staying home more often these days, now is the perfect time to add some Halloween cheer (or fear) to your walls. You’ll have more time to enjoy your festive gear, plan your costume, and make sure your favorite items are available before the last-minute rush. Shopping early lets you see what all your options are and have time to decide on a theme for your Halloween 2020 décor and outfit, whether you’re going for spooky, funny or classic.

Hot New 2020 Halloween Costumes

Here at Spirit Halloween, we work hard to offer you the latest and greatest costumes for kids and adults. If you’re looking for Halloween 2020 costumes, look no further than our brand new outfits to make you stand out! These are just a small sampling of the hundreds of options that await you on our website.

Women’s Halloween 2020 Costumes

adult black beaded flapper dress

Adult Black Beaded Flapper Dress

Dance like there’s no tomorrow this Halloween in this Adult Black Beaded Flapper Dress! Shine, sparkle, and flap those fringes like it’s the Roaring ’20s!  

adult graveyard queen costume

Adult Graveyard Queen Costume

Be the haunting and daunting ruler of the night in this Adult Graveyard Queen Costume! You won’t need to lurk behind the tombs in this dark, full-length dress with jewels and chains!  

Men’s Halloween 2020 Costumes

adult Naruto costume

Adult Naruto Costume

Dress up like your favorite anime character in this official Naruto costume! You’ll look ready to break out your ninja fighting skills when you put on his familiar orange and black outfit.

adult hazmat suit costume

Adult Hazmat Suit Costume

Sanitize and stay clean by suiting up in this Adult Hazmat Suit. Be part of the fiercest cleaning crew and protect yourself from any dirty scenario. This yellow costume includes a mask, hood, jumpsuit, and gloves to keep you safe and seen this Halloween! 


Girls’ Halloween 2020 Costumes

kids My Little Pony Rainbow Dash costume

Kids Rainbow Dash Costume – My Little Pony

You’ll definitely be the most colorful pony on the ranch in this officially licensed Kids Rainbow Dash Costume! All of your friends will know much My Little Pony means to you after happily trotting around in this costume which includes a rainbow dress, wings, headband, and rainbow hair clip accessory! 

kids Carmen Sandiego costume

Kids Carmen Sandiego Costume

Your child will love dressing up as globe-trotting master thief Carmen Sandiego! In her familiar red fedora and coat, she’ll be totally dashing, stylish and ready to outsmart everyone.

Boys’ Halloween 2020 Costumes

kids Marshmello jumpsuit costume

Kids Marshmello Jumpsuit Costume

Let your children become the DJ they have always wanted to be in this officially licensed Kids Marshmello Jumpsuit Costume! In this white jumpsuit with a half mask and gloves, your child can drop the best beats this Halloween like their favorite artist, Marshmello! 

kids silver ninja costume

Kids Silver Ninja Costume

Kick, flip, jump, and fight in this Kids Silver Mirror Ninja Costume this Halloween! Fit for any member of a real ninja squad, dress to spy in this costume including a ninja top, pants, tunic with attached belt, guards, gloves, and more! 

Now that you know what to expect from Halloween 2020, it’s time to start planning! While Halloween always falls on October 31, it’s never too early to get your spooky décor and exciting costumes in gear.