Halloween is our favorite time of year, but late April is a close second. Why? We’re halfway to Halloween! In just a few short months, an undeniable feeling of excitement will fill the air as decorative spider webs appear in the trees, jack-o’-lanterns cast their eerie orange glow upon porches, and people debut costumes even scarier and more immersive than last year’s.

We look forward to the spine-chilling wonder of Halloween all year long, so the halfway point is worth celebrating. Keep a watchful eye on your inbox and our website for big announcements throughout Halfway to Halloween week! Also, be sure to check out this year’s Halfway to Halloween teaser video:

Halfway to Halloween 2024

Plan a Group Costume

Good things come to those who plan. Rather than waiting until the last minute to plan a group Halloween costume, start brainstorming now. Discuss potential group costume themes like movie characters, circus performers, or superheroes with your friends or family members.

Look for a costume contest near you and plan to enter to raise the stakes! Work together to bring your ideas to life with the best Halloween group costumes and accessories.

Clean and Organize Your Halloween Decorations

Use a mild spring day to clean and organize your Halloween decorations, props, and animatronics outdoors.  Spread out a clean sheet or tarp and place your décor items on top of it. Inspect each piece for dirt, damage, or other imperfections. Gently clean and repair each one to ensure that you’re prepared to decorate for Halloween. You’ll thank yourself in October!

For help troubleshooting props, animatronics, fog machines, or lighting, contact our in-house team of experts, the Zombie Tech Squad.

Get New Props and Animatronics Before They’re Gone

Spirit Halloween props and animatronics are always in high demand! Beat the rush to get the latest and greatest stuff now.

Book a Trip to a Spooky Destination

Give yourself something to look forward to by booking a Halloween trip! Research the best places to celebrate Halloween, like Salem, MA, and New Orleans, LA. When you book travel and lodging in advance, you have plenty of time to research ghost tours, museums, and more.

xeni4ka via Getty Images

Plan a Halloween Party

Calendars fill up quickly in October. Send out Halloween party invitations four weeks in advance to give your guests plenty of notice.

As for the party details, you can never start planning too early. Shop for Halloween party supplies, decorations, lighting, and costumes in the weeks leading up to your party for a slow and steady planning process.

Research Haunted Houses or Trails Near You

Most haunted houses, trails, and hayrides are run by volunteers. Find a haunted attraction near you and ask about volunteer opportunities! Working with a team to create a thrilling production is a great way to make friends with like-minded Halloween lovers in your community.

Carve a Watermelon

Pumpkins probably aren’t being harvested yet, but watermelons are everywhere! Carve a monstrous mug or spooky scowl into a watermelon for a fun and tasty treat.

Watermelon Jack o Lantern
Sverhnova via Getty Images

Happy Halfway to Halloween! We can’t wait to see how you celebrate. Check out our new arrivals to shop the latest looks of the season.