It’s that time of year again: Google has released their list of most searched 2021 Halloween costumes! On its Frightgeist page, Google has compiled the most popular costumes of the year based on what people were searching for in September. This is their annual overview of the costume zeitgeist (get it?) and a great way to see what your friends and neighbors are likely to show up wearing on October 31. Keep reading to see if your favorite Halloween costume made the cut.

Nationally, across the United States, the 20 most popular 2021 Halloween costumes were:

1. Witch costume

2. Rabbit costume

3. Dinosaur costume

4. Spider-Man costume

5.Cruella de Vil costume

6. Fairy costume

7. Harley Quinn costume

8. Cowboy costume

9. Clown costume

10. Chucky costume

11. Cheerleader costume

12. Pirate costume

13. Pumpkin costume

14. Angel costume

15. Vampire costume

16. Among Us costume

17. Zombie costume

18. 1980s costume

19. Superhero costume

20. Devil costume

The top 100 costumes feature a wide mix of classic costume looks along with pop culture favorites such as The Joker, Batman, Toy Story, Powerpuff Girls, PAW Patrol, Catwoman and many more.

This year’s most searched costume list from Google is incredibly extensive, showing the top 783 costumes people have been looking for. Perusing this list will help give you a sense of whether you’re going to be one of many when you dress up for Halloween in a given ensemble or you’re more likely to stand out and not see anyone else wearing the same costume. With such an exhaustive list, you may get an idea for a Halloween costume that had never occurred to you. At the very least, the Frightgeist most searched costume list offers a glimpse into the minds of those who are eager to fully take part in Halloween this year.

You can also search Frightgeist to see which costume is most popular in your area. This regional popular Halloween costume search may give you a clue about what to expect if you attend your local Halloween parade. On the West Coast, Cruella de Vil costumes are popular in Los Angeles and Seattle, while rabbit costumes are big in San Francisco. On the East Coast, a classic, pumpkin costumes, are popular in Bangor, Maine, while Spider-Man costumes are a hit in Washington, DC, and astronaut costumes are big in Charleston, South Carolina.

Now that you know about this year’s trending Halloween costumes, you’re likely thinking about your own. While these are what other people are seeking out, Halloween is a perfect time to show off your style and personality. Whether you like horror, pop culture, classic, funny, inflatable or anything else, you have plenty of options!

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