This year, Spirit Halloween crowned our first Chief Spirit Officer. After sorting through all your wonderful entries on TikTok and Instagram, we selected the talented Halloween enthusiast and cosplayer Luna Foxx. Luna has wowed the world on TikTok with her homages to her favorite Halloween characters and looks.


SAY HELLO TO THE NEW CHIEF SPIRIT OFFICER!! #spirithalloweencsocontest @spirithalloween @Lance Bass

♬ Blow – BLVKSHP

We wanted to give you a chance to get to know Luna a little better, so we asked her to share more about her passion for Halloween.


These are only a handful of mugs I own.. this is also a repost @Spirit Halloween #SpiritCso #spirithalloween #TargetHalloween #MakeItCinematic #sarahsanderson

♬ original sound – Justin wyss

If you’re already planning you’re Halloween costume for next year, you can get some suggestions for a look for you and your BFF from Luna:

So how did Luna get so into Halloween? She told us all about it!

“I probably became a Halloween lover at a young age. I know my family always had Halloween parties and it was always so fascinating to me. My godparents, my aunts, my aunts’ neighbors; we were always having Halloween parties. I just love dressing up and having themed parties and themed treats and everything, and it has followed me into my adult career.”

Everyone has a different aspect of Spirit Halloween they love most. Luna told us her favorite, as only a dedicated Halloween superfan can:

“I think my favorite part of Spirit, and a lot of people will agree with me…all the little trinkets and jewelry and things that I get to buy and wear year round, I do only get to buy them between the middle of September to October. But I stock up and buy my arm socks and stockings and all these different things that are considered Halloween costumes, but I put them into my everyday wear, so it’s like a little shopping spree.”

As to whether she prefers costumes to animatronics, Luna is Team Costumes. Why? “Because growing up, I never really had animatronics. I also live in a very small apartment right now and I can’t have an animatronic. I literally can’t fit it in my apartment. But if I could, I would; I’d probably sleep with it, to be honest, and have it in my room the entire time. I love the costumes because you can fit little pieces and everything together.”

We’re thrilled to have Luna as our inaugural Chief Spirit Officer! Get your year-round Halloween costume on by visiting our website!