Pregnancy can be stressful. Whether you’re rushing to doctors’ appointments, speed-reading baby books, or laundering loads of tiny clothes, preparing for a brand new family member is overwhelming. It’s important – crucial even – that you remember to slow down and enjoy the ride.

If you happen to be pregnant this Halloween, consider using this opportunity to have some fun! We know you have enough on your plate, so we’ve thought of some creative do-it-yourself maternity Halloween costume options for you and your baby bump.

DIY Baseball Maternity Costume

Work with your baby bump, not against it! Embrace the bump by dressing it up in a form-fitting white shirt. Grab a red permanent marker or fabric paint and draw two curved lines (think of an inverted “C” shape next to a regular “C” shape) on the part of the shirt where your belly will be. Add short, horizontal stitches to the curves to create the look of baseball laces.

Accessorize with a red baseball cap and a baseball bat prop. Your Halloween maternity costume is guaranteed to be a grand slam.

DIY Disco Ball Maternity Costume

Much like babies, disco balls make everyone happy. They’re shiny, they make us want to dance, and they’re usually accompanied by upbeat music. Crank up the volume on your favorite ‘70s music and get ready to glam it up!

Start with your favorite crop top and flared pants. Create an even “O” shape around the perimeter of your pregnant belly using a makeup sponge filled with silver cream makeup. Fill the “O” shape in with silver cream makeup until you’ve created an even base. Allow the silver base to dry. Use silver glitter body spray to add extra shine to your disco ball belly. Top off the look with fringe gloves and a glowing wig to really get the party started.

DIY Fishbowl Maternity Costume    

Sometimes when you’re pregnant, it feels like everyone is staring at your belly. Fish must feel the same way when kids press their faces against their glass tanks at aquariums! Create your own underwater scene on your pregnant belly. As long as people are gawking at you, you might as well give them something interesting to look at.

Grab a pack of colorful makeup crayons and picture a beautiful underwater scene. Outline your belly with a big blue circle, and draw four or five fish using a variety of colors. Draw white bubbles around each fish, and use a makeup sponge filled with blue cream makeup to fill in the circle. Complete the look with a blue crop top, jeans, and a pair of scaly fishnet gloves!

DIY Snow globe Maternity Costume

You’ll be a walking winter wonderland when you turn your baby bump into a snow globe! Use a white makeup crayon to draw a circle around your belly. Fill a makeup sponge with white cream makeup and spread it over your bump until you’ve created an even base. Allow the white base to dry. Lightly spray silver glitter body spray over the white base to create a shimmering effect. Add scattered press-on gem stones throughout the circle to create the look of falling snowflakes.

Use a fine black makeup pencil to draw a snowman in the middle of your globe. You don’t have to be a talented artist to do this! Simply draw three stacked circles with a smiling face, a black top hat, buttons, and stick arms.

DIY Pumpkin Maternity Costume    

What’s Halloween without pumpkins? Use a makeup sponge filled with orange cream makeup to cover your pregnant belly completely. Allow the orange makeup to dry, and use alternating black and brown makeup crayons to create curved vertical lines across your belly. These lines will add realistic texture to your pumpkin bump!

Use a black makeup crayon to create two triangle-shaped eyes, a triangle-shaped nose, and a big, toothy grin. Knot an orange shirt at the waist to allow your belly to show, and complete the look with ultra-comfy pumpkin leggings!

DIY Mummy-to-Be Costume

Congratulations, you’re going to be a mummy! Start with a white shirt and white pants. Gather a few rolls of toilet paper, clear tape, and a fine-tooth comb. Wind the toilet paper around your legs, waist, chest, arms, and neck, securing the ends with tape. It’s okay if some pieces look tattered, as this creates an authentic mummy effect! Layer more toilet paper over bare spots, and strategically rip a few pieces to accentuate the tattered look.

Use the comb to tease your hair. Working in small sections, spray your hair with hairspray. Sweep the comb from tip to root, gently pushing your hair toward your scalp. This causes the hair to slightly tangle, creating lots of volume. The goal is to create a messy and lived-in style.

No time for DIY? No problem. There are plenty of maternity-friendly costumes waiting for you at Spirit Halloween.

Sloth union suit

Maternity-Friendly Sloth Union Suit

Feeling a little slow these days? Growing a human is hard work! Make light of your exhausting situation by wearing this faux fur sloth union suit.

Hippie peasant shirt

Maternity-Friendly Hippie Peasant Shirt

Go with the flow in a loose peasant-style shirt. This hippie peasant shirt pairs perfectly with a flower crown!

Wolf vest

Maternity-Friendly Wolf Vest

Howl at the moon in this cozy faux fur wolf vest. With its long length and open front, your baby bump will have plenty of room to breathe in this vest.

Bumble bee poncho

Maternity-Friendly Bumble Bee Poncho

Keep your honey safe and warm under this adorable and maternity-friendly bumble bee poncho!

Giraffe poncho

Maternity-Friendly Giraffe Poncho

You’ll feel like you’re wrapped up in a warm blanket when you wear this maternity-friendly giraffe poncho. Complete with a hood and tail, you’ll be Halloween-ready in a flash.

Have fun styling your growing belly this Halloween! We wish you nothing but sweet treats from this day forward.