Oh, the weather outside is frightful 💀

Welcome to our last HORRORscope of 2023! As the year comes to a close, we’re counting down the days (335 to be exact) until next Halloween. But who says we can’t stay spooky all year round? This holiday season, gift your best ghouls and goblins what they really want to find under the tree: Cute Halloween décor they can enjoy all year!

Keep Your Eye on These Dates…

December 12: New moon in Sagittarius

December 13: Mercury retrograde begins

December 21: Sun enters Capricorn

December 26: Full moon in Cancer + Chiron Direct

What to Expect from the Stars This December:

Hate to break it to you, but Mercury is doing the planetary moonwalk (aka Mercury retrograde) this month, so don’t be surprised if you encounter some holiday horror this holiday season (watch out for Krampus!). The key to staying ahead of the monster madness? Put your tarot cards to good use. They’ll tell you where (and where not) to be, and how to end the year on a high note.

Let’s be honest. All we want for Christmas is someone to do our holiday shopping for us. That’s where we come in—looking for the perfect gift for your BFFs, loved ones, or partners? Check out this season’s spookiest gifts below, perfect for him, her, or YOU (go ahead, treat yourself).


5.25 Ft Gothic Noir Skeleton Pillow

Any Aries would love to haunt the halls of their home with this Gothic Noir Skeleton Pillow! This spooky decoration is the perfect cuddle buddy — don’t forget to sleep with one eye open…


The Astro-Lunar Journal

Gift your favorite Taurus the experience of self-exploration and empowerment with this Astro-Luna Journal. They can write down their thoughts and feelings in this beautiful notebook and harness the power of the any full moon!


Deluxe Tarot Cards – Prism Edition

Intelligent Geminis need something to keep them occupied through the cold winter nights. This 78-card holographic tarot deck features stunning artwork, making it perfect for hosting tarot readings (because we know Geminis love a little social gathering).


Mystic Arts Moth Sign

Cancers love feeling cozy in the comfort of their own home. Help your favorite Cancer elevate the aura in their sacred space with this Iridescent Moth Sign.


The Sun Tarot Fleece Blanket

Everyone knows that the Earth revolves around the sun, and since Leos are ruled by the sun… well, they are the main character. The proud Leo in your life will appreciate this oh-so-soft Sun Tarot Fleece Blanket.


3-Tier Tarot Hanging Sign

Calculated and structured Virgo will love the clean practicality of this 3-Tier Tarot Hanging Sign. It’s in the cards for them! This eye-catching sign features gold detailing of the moon, the sun, and the star tarot cards.


Mystical Arts Butterfly Skull Storage Box

Libras love pretty things, and this Butterfly Skull Storage Box is enchantingly vibrant! Help them keep all of their witchy treasures safe.


Gothic Noir Potion Bottle

If there’s one thing we know about Scorpios, it’s that they are mysterious. What’s creepier than an enchanting potion bottle? They can store any potions they’ve been brewing or add to any display.


Mystic Arts Butterfly Dome Decoration

The worldly traveler of the zodiac signs, Sagittarius will love this Butterfly Dome. These fire signs are constantly looking for unique décor pieces to complete their *very specific* aesthetic. They’ll thank you later.


Spirit Monopoly

Capricorns love spending hours hunched over board games with their best pals. These Earth signs love puzzles and problem-solving. What better way to keep them busy AND keep the Halloween spirit alive than with Spirit Monopoly?


Snake Mystical Arts Dream Catcher

BWE! (Big witch energy). Aquarius loves a bold statement piece, especially if they banish bad vibes. This water sign will love hanging this celestial Snake Dream Catcher over their bed!


Mystical Arts Stemless Local Witch Glass

The baddest witch this town has ever seen! Pisces is always stuck in their own head, daydreaming the hours away. They need some time to recharge! Gift them this Local Witch Glass so they can sip back and relax at the end of the day.

How are you preparing for the holiday season? By reading your horrorscope, we hope! Don’t ghost us! Come back next year for Spirit Halloween’s Monthly Horrorscope for January.