Ah, yes. Winter has come and gone, and it’s that time of year again: the season of wearing your Sunday best, eating pastel-covered chocolates, and taking pictures with a stranger who’s wearing a full-body rabbit suit. Sure, some people may love the smell of spring in the air and the screams of children as they fight over decorated eggs—but Easter clearly isn’t a holiday for everyone.

But it can be.

Here at Spirit Halloween, where our hearts bleed black and orange every day of the year, it’s our duty to remind you that any holiday can be transformed into a day of terrifying, scream-worthy celebrations. And we’re ready to make your Easter of 2019 absolutely horrifying.

And just how are we going to do that, you ask? We’ve got three words for you: Creepy. Easter. Bunnies.

Sure, everyone has seen at least one of those photos of children posing with the creepiest bunnies on the planet—special shout out to those who were photographed. But we’re looking to take it to the next level. We’re talking getting that cute little Easter Bunny costume and giving it a head-to-toe, horrific makeover to make the whole thing even creepier. Doesn’t that sound fun?!

And for reference, you can see our coworker’s lovely family photograph below:

Creepy Easter Bunny

Photo credit: James Photography & Imaging | Event: Photos with Zombie Easter Bunny at Underground in Smithville, New Jersey | Bunny makeup artist/bunny model: Heather Rachiele

Now, there’s plenty of ways you could go about creating your creepy Easter bunny, so let’s break it down and go through a few different styles.

(Disclaimer: I wanted to do these DIYs myself, but my manager didn’t want me getting fake blood all over the office.)

Zombie Bunny

The Zombie Bunny has become a staple in the world of alternative Easter celebrations, and it’s as much fun as it is gory. A torn ear there, some dirty patches of dirt there, and suddenly your happy-go-lucky bunny isn’t all that cute anymore.

The kind of bunny costume you start with is totally up to you, though if you really want to go all out, then our deluxe Easter bunny costume is just begging to be zombified. The full-face mask already features a slightly terrifying smile and soulless eyes that stare at you as though they’re ready to suck the life out of your very being…*ahem* sorry. But yeah, this bunny costume is definitely a good choice.

Anyway, after picking out your costume, you should think about exactly what kind of Zombie Bunny you’re going for. If you want it to be a little on the bloody side, then our handy-dandy blood spray is perfect for getting that splattered look just how you want it. You can spray lightly across the top of the fur for lighter stains, or focus on specific spots to make it look more dramatic. For a darker, more sinister look, you could even try our blood capsules!

And keep in mind that zombies usually aren’t known for wearing clean, pristine clothing. So the whole baby blue jacket, “cute” striped vest and bow tie? Yeah, they’re going to need some distressing, so make sure you have a pair of scissors handy. Once your attire is distressed to your liking, grab that can of blood spray again, and add in all those finer, bloodier details.

And if you really want to make your Easter horrifying, you can even get our Creepy Roaming Bear to roam around as you take pictures. Imagine everyone’s faces when they’re greeted with not one, but TWO creeptastic monsters.


Okay, so maybe the whole Zombie Bunny fad isn’t exactly your style—and that’s totally fine! You’ve got to have options, and we want to deliver…which is why we’d like to introduce you to the Werebunny!

You know, it’s like a werewolf…but with a bunny instead. Get it? …Heh.

Anyway, a Werebunny can be as “were” or as “bunny” as you’d like, though we’re going to try to make it pretty even. There’s nothing quite as horrifying as our Scary Bunny Mask, so you don’t really have to do much to get this thing Werebunny ready—it’s even got the sharp teeth and blood splatters!

Whether or not you pair this deadly mask with an open-faced costume is up to you, though you could also wear a worn flannel shirt (since werewolves seem to love flannel, for some reason) and a pair of bloody work gloves. The gloves are white, so they’ll match the white fur of the mask perfectly—and again, they’ve already got some blood splatters on them, so this costume is turning out to be pretty minimal effort here.

But hey, if you wanted to be extra gory, our fake blood spray is always an option. You could also grab some animal claws to make your Werebunny a little more convincing—you could even cut tiny slits in the bloody work gloves to have your claws poking out. That way, it’ll look as though your gloves were torn during your transformation! See? You could have your Werebunny done just in time to spread chaos all season long.

Just don’t ask me if Werebunnies make any sort of “howling” noise. I don’t know.

Vampire Bunny

Maybe you’re not a fan of the Werebunny—we get it, it’s totally fine. It’s not like I spent actual time in my workday creating a fun and creepy Easter Bunny just to have you be like, “eh, I’ll pass on this,” but it’s fine… Yes, I’m sure it’s fine! Let’s just move on.

So maybe you want something a little bit different than a zombie or a werewolf in your scary Easter Bunny style, so why not a vampire? A vampbunny? A…bunpire?

…Let’s just stick with Vampire Bunny.

While the Scary Bunny mask could also work with this look, another idea would be to get an open face bunny costume. That way, you can wear some fangs and maybe even a pair of colored contacts. How creepy would that be?

Of course, an open face costume will also mean painting your face to match the color of the fur, but luckily we’ve got plenty of body paint and makeup available for your face painting needs.

Depending on how you want your Vampire Bunny to look, you can follow earlier instructions on shredding or changing the bunny costume’s outfit, and of course staining it as how you see fit. Some vampires can be clean and well-dressed, while others are ravaging creatures with little control or fashion sense—so how you want to do this one is really up to you! You could even go somewhere in the middle and put on this awesome, blood-splattered white suit!

You can pose with a gothic-inspired throne for the best photo op ever. Just imagine seeing the pictures ten or twenty years down the road—your kids will probably love posting them on all of their social media accounts!

Show us your creepy Easter Bunnies!

Look, it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried making your own terrifying Easter Bunny or if you have old pictures of you or your kids with the scariest mall Easter Bunny you’ve ever seen. Either way, we want to see them! Send us your creepiest and scariest Easter Bunny designs, and we may just feature you in a blog in the near future!

All you have to do is email spiritblog@spirithalloween.com and give Spirit Halloween permission to post your photos. Yep, it’s just that easy, so you better *hop* on it! (Ha, get it? Bunnies…hop…)

(Bonus Points: If your idea is clearly better than the ones mentioned here, I will personally admit defeat and applaud you for your horrific brilliance.)