Love Chucky and the entire Child’s Play franchise as much as we do? So you could only imagine our excitement when we found out that Chucky is planning on coming to television. Although it was first announced by Child’s Play writer Don Mancini at the beginning of the year in an interview with Bloody Disgusting, more details were recently released, and we are living for it.

He also posted a GIF on Twitter back in June that said nothing other than “Child’s Play: The TV Series” and “Do not adjust your set.”


Here’s everything we know about the Chucky TV series so far:

8-Part First Season

There will be 8 hour-long episodes in the first season of the series, which will definitely be more than enough to get your heart racing. Don Mancini even added, “We want to definitely signal that we are going dark, darker than ever before. It’s going to be very creepy.”

Brad Dourif Will Voice Chucky

In case you were worried that the TV series version of Chucky would be pretty lame compared to the movie version, we can ease your mind right now. Brad Dourif, the original voice of Chucky, is coming back to voice the series version, so we have no doubts that this version of Chucky will be anything less than terrifying.

Picks Up After the Last Sequel

We already talked about Cult of Chucky here, but it’s been confirmed that the TV series will pick up right where that sequel left off. So not only will we (hopefully) get a resolution to that huge plot twist ending, but we’ll also be getting introduced to some new characters and storylines at the same time. The producer and designer of Chucky and Tiffany, David Kirschner, even mentioned that they’re playing with the idea of the new series returning to the franchise’s roots with Chucky terrorizing another child. We. Are. Ready.

Tiffany’s Backstory

Although this part hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, Mancini said that a lot of people have expressed their interest in learning more about Tiffany’s backstory. We see where she comes in to play in Bride of Chucky, but we were never told how she got to be the way she is. Will this actually become part of the series? We can neither confirm nor deny, but we hope so!

Glen/Glenda May Return

Mancini also teased that the fans have always wanted to know more about what ever happened to Chucky and Tiffany’s kid, Glen/Glenda. We haven’t seen them since The Seed of Chucky, so everyone’s hoping their stories will also be revisited in this new series. Plus, back in 2017, Mancini had told Daily Dead that we’d be seeing Glen/Glenda again in the future. Maybe they’re finally ready for their television debut!


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