Each year, Ghostbusters fans sit at the edge of their seats waiting to see what Spirit is going to come up with next, and this year we’re not going to disappoint. We’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeves—in fact, we have so many, that we’re actually giving you guys an early surprise before the Halloween season. Are you ready for something totally new and awesome? Drum roll, please…!

Introducing the Ghost Trap! A new Spirit Halloween exclusive, the Ghost Trap opens and lights up, and features all of the bells and whistles that any Ghostbusters fan can appreciate.  This awesome Ghostbusters prop looks just like the one from the films, and will make a great addition to any Ghostbusters fan’s collection. It can trap all sorts of ghosts, and help you become the best Ghostbuster you can be just in time for Halloween!

And just for fun, you can take our quiz to find out which type of ghost you would be in the Ghostbusters films—and if a Ghost Trap would be enough to contain you! Simply answer the questions below and then check out your results at the very bottom! And remember: you can find plenty of awesome Ghostbusters costumes and merch right here at Spirit Halloween!

  1. What would be the reason why you came back as a ghost?
    A. I guess I still have some living to do?
    B. I just love to wreak havoc.
    C. I seek revenge on the living.
  2. As a ghost, what minor inconvenience would you do to irritate your enemies?
    A. Make their sink faucet drip all the time.
    B. Unplug their phone at night so it doesn’t charge.
    C. Tickle them lightly so it feels like something is crawling on their skin.
  3. Where would you be your go-to place for hauntings?
    A. Somewhere fun, like a park.
    B. An old house, maybe an abandoned building.
    C. The last place where anyone would expect me to be.
  4. What color would your ghostly apparition appear as?
    A. Something bright, like red or green.
    B. Something dark, like blue or black.
    C. Invisible—my presence would be hidden.
  5. Do you think you could take on the Ghostbusters as a ghost?
    A. I…definitely wouldn’t try to.
    B. Bring ‘em on!
    C. The real question is: could they take on me?

Answer Key

Each answer is worth a certain amount of points. Use the answer key below to count up your points and then find your matching result below!

  • A: 1 Point
  • B: 2 Points
  • C: 3 Points

Class III: Anonymous Haunting (5-8 Points)

Visually, your ghost form is shaped like a human, but you have no name or identity. You like to cause a little bit of trouble here and there and you can be pretty strong when you want to be—but at the end of the day, the Ghostbusters are going to catch you with very little issue.

Class V: Ectoplasmic Manifestation (9-12 Points)  

Not going to lie, your ghostly form is pretty gruesome. You don’t look like a human at all, and there’s a chance you were created because of a ritual gone wrong. Because of your chaotic nature, you give the Ghostbusters a run for their money, but it’s over for you if they keep their proton pack targeted at you for too long.

Class VII: Metaspectre  (13-15 Points)

No one wants to mess with a Metaspectre, not even the Ghostbusters. Extremely powerful, these ghosts can take control of humans and other subordinate lifeforms to cause chaos for everyone involved. And honestly, the Ghostbusters probably did everything in their power to make sure you didn’t even make it to this world to begin with!