Looking to scare everyone this Halloween? Put on a skeleton costume and you’ll be ready to send fear right down everyone’s spines! The skeleton is one of the most iconic Halloween costume and decoration themes you can choose. Skeletons can evoke a classic Halloween style, a rebellious vibe, or a terrifying fright. Luckily, Spirit Halloween has all the skeleton costumes and décor to satisfy even the most bonafide, skeleton-obsessed Halloween lover.

Adult Skeleton Costumes

Spirit’s skeleton costumes can help you achieve all sorts of iconic Halloween looks. Choose an outfit that accentuates a goofy or gruesome aspect of your skeleton character, depending upon your personal style. With skeleton costumes for adults, children, babies, and even a skeleton pet harness, the whole family can join the Halloween skeleton crew!    

Kids’ Skeleton Costumes

Dressing up for Halloween is such an important part of growing up! Make sure they’ve got all the costume options they could possibly dream of, including an iconic skeleton. We’ve got tons of options for both boys’ and girls’ skeleton costumes. We’ve also got lots of bone-themed accessories, masks, and makeup to complete their little skeletal looks. 

Skeleton Masks

Spirit has tons of skeleton masks to help you create the perfect Halloween frights. Some styles are creepy and some are comical, and no matter which style you choose, it can be the centerpiece of your Halloween look. We’ve got skeleton half and full masks, animal and human skeleton masks, and a wide range of mesmerizing and menacing skeleton masks. We’ve even got Marshmello skeleton masks for all you music lovers.  

Skeleton Makeup

Skeleton makeup allows you to create a unique and dynamic skeleton look. We’ve got helpful Halloween makeup tutorial videos to help you create a metallic skeleton, a melting sugar skull, or a neon glow-in-the-dark skeleton makeup. Look deep inside yourself and let your creativity run wild with one of our easy-to-apply skeleton makeup kits:

Skeleton Accessories

Enhance the skeleton of your character by adding character to your skeleton with Spirit Halloween accessories. Ensure every Halloween door stays open with our set of spooky skeleton keys. Add some razzle dazzle to dead heads with our skeleton face jewels and skeleton face decals. For the perfect flair if you want to rub ulna with elegant members of skeletal high society, you can reach for a top hat and cane.

Skeleton Jewelry

Adorn yourself in the finest bone jewelry to complement your elegant skeleton look. Spirit Halloween’s skeleton earrings, necklaces, and finger covers can add a dark sophistication to your fleshless body. We’ll have you sparkling from the gala to the graveyard.

Outdoor Skeleton Decorations

Spirit has the perfect skeleton décor to set the scene for a nightmarish or hilarious Halloween season. Light up your walkway with the eerie luminescence of Spirit’s burning skull pathway markers or creep visitors out with one of our decrepit hanging skulls. You can go hilarious with our 57-inch hanging headless skeleton decoration or terrifying with piles of moss-covered skulls.

Indoor Skeleton Decorations

Bring the skeletons out of the graveyard and into your home with our indoor skeleton décor. Go gothic noir with our raven skull table topper on top of the skull-patterned romance tablecloth. Illuminate dark corners with a candle in the crowned skull candle holder and sip spooky mocktails and milkshakes from the gothic noir skull goblet to add the perfect ambience.

Life-Size Skeletons

If you’re truly a fan of skeletons and skeleton décor, you can build your entire Halloween decorating theme around them. Pose and arrange these giant skeletons in your front yard, on your front porch, or even in your windows. Combine them with costumes and accessories to create a themed scene everyone will remember for years to come.

Get your skeleton costumes and décor from your local Spirit Halloween store or 24/7 from our online store. Read our blog to bone up on your Halloween decorating, costuming, and celebrating tips, like this blog about haunt themes for your home Halloween decorations.