Halloween is almost here! This means the unspoken battle between you and your neighbors is about to begin. Will you be the one to have the best-looking house in the neighborhood, or will those people across the street outdo you the second year in a row? At Spirit Halloween, we’ve got the best collection of outdoor décor so you can transform your home into the ultimate haunted house this Halloween. Check out our entire collection of outdoor décor below and show the neighborhood who’s the king or queen of Halloween!

Door Covers

Transform any garage door into the ultimate spooky Halloween setting with our eye-popping door covers. Our selection of high-quality door covers is perfect for getting your home looking Halloween-ready and are durable enough to provide many years of use! Spirit carries both single and double garage door options, so you can choose the setting which best goes with your haunted house and take your display to the next level of horror with no wrinkles or creases! These Halloween door decorations are the perfect way to get your home noticed.


When it comes to your outdoor Halloween décor, you better go big or go home! With our collection of inflatables from some of your favorite classic horror flicks as well as funny Halloween inflatables, you’ll have people from all over town coming to see your setup.

Door Mats

Give your guests a warm and spooky welcome with a Halloween-themed doormat! Featuring vibrant graphics from all your favorite Halloween icons like Pennywise, Michael Myers, Beetlejuice, and more! Add a doormat to your entry to make your guests feel right at home and in the Halloween mood.

Hanging Props

Watch your head! If you’re not careful, you’re bound to be spooked by one of our terrifying hanging decorations. Bring your holiday outdoor décor to life with some hanging props, and watch when guests get near them for the ultimate jump scare! Hanging props are a perfect way to add some extra character to your haunted house display, and there’s no doubt they look great in any horror setting.

Halloween Tombstones

Transform your yard into an undead zombie graveyard by adding tombstones to your outdoor Halloween décor. Our collection of decaying gravestones come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for any zombie! Place tombstones around your home to give it that eerie cemetery feel and you’ll catch everyone’s attention!

Halloween Lighting

Add creepy lights to your Halloween setup to give it that ominous final touch it needs. With just the right amount of lighting, and in the right areas, you can take your display to the next level of awesome! Use lights in strategic areas to make people really notice your spooky décor or use less light to keep your characters hidden so they can pop out for a good scare! You can also add to the haunting atmosphere with lights such as burning skull pathway markers or add a horror movie touch with Trick ’r Treat lollipop string lights or a Killer Klowns from Outer Space projector.

Ground Props

Using ground props as part of your Halloween display is a perfect way to bring your haunted house to life! With plenty of options from creepy spiders, to undead zombies, and more, you better watch your step, or you may end up running in fear! Adding extra characters and other creepy elements to your display will be simple with our selection of ground props.

You’ll find all of the best outdoor decorations to set your yard apart from the rest only at Spirit Halloween! With a wide variety of inflatables, lights, props, and more, we’ve got everything you need to create your very own Halloween wonderland. Give your neighbors something to be jealous about when you have massive numbers of trick-or-treaters coming to see your display! They’ll be instantly drawn to your haunting theme and scream-worthy Halloween front door decorations. By shopping Spirit Halloween, you can make your lawn the perfect Halloween scene. For more Halloween décor, costumes and more, check out our entire collection at SpiritHalloween.com. For more decorating ideas, Halloween fun, and more check out our blog at SpiritHalloween.com/blog.