Calling all kindred spirits… Get ready to celebrate Halloween night with your boo! National Couples Day is on August 18th, and we’ve got all the best couples costumes for any dynamic duo. Whether you’re going for a creepy or cute look, you and your significant other are sure to stand out above the rest on Halloween night. Check out some of our favorite looks for any lovebirds:

Chips and Salsa Couples Costume

You’re sure to look like a snack when you suit up as these adorable Chips and Salsa! Featuring a salty tortilla chip and a spicy jar of salsa, this tasty look is sure to turn heads and make mouths water. This appetizing duo costume feature tunics that slip on and off easily with Velcro closure, so you’ll be ready to hit the town in delicious style in no time. Show everyone on Halloween night that it’s not a party without chips and salsa!

Chips and Salsa couples costume
Chips and Salsa Couples Costume

Peanut Butter and Jelly Couples Costume

Name a more iconic duo… There’s a reason that people strive to find the “peanut butter” to their “jelly,” and this peanut butter and jelly pairing is the perfect way to show that you’ve done just that! This cute couples costume look includes two white bread tunics with peanut butter on one slice and jelly on the other. Show the world just how well you and your significant other go together and suit up in this classic couples costume. Give your other half a big hug and your sandwich will be complete!

Peanut butter and jelly couples costume
Peanut Butter and Jelly Couples Costume

Avocado and Toast Couples Costume

Looking for a modern spin on a classic couples look? Embrace one of the most popular combinations of the 21st century in your Halloween look this year as avocado and toast! This fit is perfect for any couple looking to show off their appetite while also pulling off a hilarious and healthy look. This delicious and nutritious pair of costumes features one avocado and one slice of toast. Once you suit up, you and your significant other will be instantly recognizable as everyone’s favorite super fruit-fueled snack.

Avocado and toast couples costume
Avocado and Toast Couples Costume

Milk and Cookies Couples Costume

Going for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Nothing beats a warm chocolate chip cookie and a glass of ice-cold milk! Suit up as everyone’s favorite classic dessert pairing and show them just how sweet your relationship really is. This freshly baked funny couples costume features a milk carton tunic and a chocolate chip cookie tunic. It’s easy to slip on so you’ll be out of the kitchen and at your next Halloween party in no time. It’ll be hard for other couples to beat this look, but hey, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Soap and Loofah Couples Costume

Suds up! Get ready to hit the showers on Halloween night as the cleanest couple around. Complete with a soap tunic, loofah dress, and white bubble balloons, this soap and loofah duo costume means you and your sudsy significant other will have everything you need for the perfect lathered-up look. Bring along a rubber ducky with you to complete this fresh fit and really show off your bubbly personality! We can guarantee if you wear this couples costume to your next Halloween party, you’ll have no trouble cleaning up the competition.

Doctor & Nurse Couples Costumes

Paging one cute couple! Get dressed in your scrubs, wash those hands, and get ready to hit the operating room (or your next Halloween party) as a doctor and nurse! Slip into this white lab coat and you’ll be instantly recognizable as a doctor, or throw on some classic blue scrubs and take on the night as a nurse. Either look can be completed with a stethoscope, surgical mask, or some terrible handwriting! Going for a funnier look? Try on our Dr. Shots costume! This hilarious look includes a white lab coat as well as four plastic syringes that can be filled with any drink of your choosing. Once you slip on these scrubs, you’ll be having a great time… stat!

Zookeepers Couples Costumes

Get ready to go wild on Halloween night as a pair of adventurous, wildlife-loving zookeepers! These adorable costumes include everything you need to reign in any unruly animals you may come across, including a shirt, hat, belt, toy keys, and patches. Available in both men’s and women’s styles, these costumes are perfect for any couple looking to embrace their wild side on Halloween night. Want to include your party animal friends in this adorable look? Have them throw on some of our hilarious animal costumes and create the perfect zoo break scene!

Skeletons Couples Costumes

Take on the night as a couple of skeletal sweethearts this Halloween! You and your boo will look dreadfully dapper in these skeleton costumes, featuring only the best in undead style. When you slip on this Adult Skeleton Suit, featuring a skeleton-printed jacket, pants, and tie, you’ll have everything you need for your next graveyard smash. Pair this stylish suit with the Adult Skeleton Hooded Dress, accented by silvertone bones and an adorable black hood. Together, you’ll make one creepily cute couple on Halloween night!

Pirate Couples Costumes

Set sail on your own romantic voyage on Halloween night as a couple of seafaring scalawags! You’re sure to find the perfect matching look in our huge collection of pirate costumes. For the perfect “lost at sea” look, check out our Adult Shipwreck Pirate Costume! With included headscarf, shirt, pants, waist sash, and boot tops, this outfit is perfect for any pirate who’s lost their sense of direction. With a matching striped dress and headscarf, the Adult Miss Marauder Costume perfectly complements the Shipwreck Pirate Costume! Complete these looks with eye patches, swords, or even parrots. No matter how you and your first mate accessorize, you’ll be the perfect crew of two on Halloween night.

English Prince and Princess Couples Costumes

Add a touch of regal flair to your night as your next Halloween party’s royal couple. Our Adult English Princess Costume features a royal blue dress, an elegant headpiece, and a pin. Paired with our Adult English Prince Costume, featuring a red jacket, black pants, a regal blue sash, and a gold belt, this look will have all of your loyal subjects bowing to you all night! If you want to change up your couples costume’s dynamic, swap out one of these costumes for a British Guard and take on the night with your own noble security. Take your rightful place on the throne on Halloween night as the most elegant couple in Halloween history.

There you have it: From funny couples costumes to cute couples costumes and classic ones, you’ve got your pick to make Halloween even more exciting.

Think you’ve found the perfect cute couples costume for Halloween night? Send us photos of you and your partner in your couples costumes to and you may be featured in a future post!