The possessed doll Chucky, from the Child’s Play movies, has terrorized audiences since 1988. Generations X through Z have known to love and fear this Good Guy doll-gone-bad. Knife in hand, with one-liners poised on the tip of his plastic tongue, Chucky quickly became one of horror’s most iconic movie monsters.

Chucky is a fan favorite because he is creepy and charismatic. In one scene, he catches us with an unpredictable scare, only to crack a joke a few scenes later. Our “friend ’til the end” is equal parts horrifying and hilarious, so he’s fit for horror adoration. These are our absolute favorite Chucky costumes, props, and merch for your next Halloween haul:

Chucky Costumes

We’ve got lots of costume options for Chucky and Tiffany available for every age and size. You just can’t keep a good guy down when you have his classic blue overalls and the striped, multicolored long-sleeve shirt we’ve all grown to love. Get ready to play hide the soul while wearing a true Chucky fit.

Chucky Masks

Masks are a great way to achieve the creepy look of Chucky’s doll-like appearance. For the serious franchise fans, we’ve got masks to evoke both his Child’s Play face and his slightly more sinister Child’s Play 2 looks.  

Chucky Accessories

In the immortal words of Chucky, “Presto! You’re dead.” Whether it’s the hammer, the ruler, or the knife, make sure you’ve got the right accessories to reenact your favorite scenes from this franchise on Halloween night.

Chucky Loungewear

You need some comfortable clothing and blankets for your Chucky movie marathon or for after you’ve scared off the trick-or-treaters with your Chucky costume. We’ve even got some pillow options to spice up your home Halloween décor. Just don’t fall asleep while the movie is on!

Chucky and Tiffany Dolls

These amazing collectibles can be displayed around your home during Halloween as decorations or kept up year-round as part of your permanent home collection. Either way, get them now while you can!

Other Chucky Merch

These items let you find new expressions for your Chucky fandom. You can add a little pop of Chucky to your next outfit with these Chucky socks or add some Child’s Play to the growing collection of horror-related patches and pins on your bag.

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