Disney Beauty and the Beast is back and better than ever in all of its gorgeous, live-action glory! With big-time actors and breathtaking special effects, was it any surprise that we all rushed to the theater when it came out? Needless to say, this amazing retelling has made us fall in love with this timeless tale all over again—and the new songs stole our hearts, too! And with so many favorite Disney characters, it’s hard to choose just one favorite. From the bright and beautiful Belle to the stubborn Beast (and all the talking furniture in between!), each character brings something new and exciting to the table.

In celebration of all that is Disney Beauty and the Beast, our die-hard Disney fans created an in-depth character analysis. Which characters remind you most of you and your friends? How curious are you to find out? Check out our character profiles below and see which one suits you best.


While everyone may know you as the quiet one with your head always in a book, your close friends know just how kind and compassionate you really are. You love talking about things you enjoy, whether it’s the last book you read or the next movie release you can’t wait for, just like Belle from the Disney Beauty and the Beast movie. Some people may see you as someone who’s “too smart,” but that doesn’t stop you from learning about new things and sharing them with those around you. You can be very enthusiastic at times, and your eyes seem to shine brighter whenever a friend asks you for recommendations on books, movies, TV shows, or music. No matter where you go, your soft smile and sincerity seems to draw people closer to you.


To be completely honest, you’re quite stubborn! You sometimes have an intense temper and a short fuse, but you’ve either outgrown such traits or are slowly learning to manage and overcome them. You can be intimidating at times, and it’s because of this trait that people sometimes stay out of your way. However, despite your stubbornness and temper, you know how to remain true to yourself and you don’t let peer pressure change who you are. You’ve got a sense of originality that your friends love, and deep down you have a kind and curious nature that makes you a great listener— when you want to be.


If anyone is the walking candle in the castle, it’s certainly you. You’re warm and kind by nature, and your friends know just how much you light up a room. You tend to put others in front of yourself, as you love helping people and making sure they know you care. You have a bright smile for anyone you see, and you’re definitely the most inviting one out of your friend group. You often have fun with your Cogsworth friend, and the two of you are known for bringing fun and laughter to everyone you know. Your light never seems to go out, and even on bad days you can still make others smile.


Sooner or later, someone has to take control of the group, and more often than not, it’s you. Sure, sometimes your friends don’t really listen and poke fun at you—but at the end of the day, they know you’re the one who gets things done. Since you’re straight to the point and the no-nonsense friend, you’re often used as the butt of the joke, if only because your friends get a kick out of your grumpy reactions. Lumière is especially one to do this, but you both know that it’s hard for you to stay mad at your candelabra friend. While you can be fussy at times, like a clock wound a bit too tight, you are still loyal to your friends and will stick by them no matter what.

Mrs. Potts

Everyone has the “mom” friend—the one who always has snacks for everyone when they’re hungry or scolds them for doing something stupid—and you fit the role perfectly. You sometimes feel as though you have to be the peacemaker in order for the rest of your friends to play nice, but you still love them and wouldn’t want it any other way. Whenever someone needs help or advice, you’re usually the first person who comes to mind (and rightfully so, because you often know exactly how to help). Insightful and caring, you’re a wonderful listener and you always want the best for your friends. Is it any wonder why every friend group needs a Mrs. Potts?


Whether you’re the youngest or simply the youngest at heart, there’s no denying you’re the Chip of your friend group. Filled with curiosity and excitement, you hop at the chance for new adventures and perhaps even cause a little mischief along the way! But sometimes you may get yourself into a little too much trouble, which your friends give you grief about every now and then—especially Mrs. Potts! But that doesn’t stop you from adventuring and being curious, and your fun and friendly attitude helps you make everyone smile along the way. And the friends that stick with you appreciate you far more than you know.