Getting into the Halloween spirit means allowing yourself to enjoy life and indulge your creative side. For some, it’s an October holiday, but for serious Halloween lovers, it starts between August and September and becomes a way of life. If you’re ready to go from summertime sweaty to summertime spooky, let’s look at the nine best ways to get into the Halloween spirit!

Have a Spooky Summer

There are lots of summertime activities you can enjoy that will help get you Halloween-ready. Whether you tell ghost stories around the campfire, go on a haunted history tour, throw a spooky BBQ, or have a scary movie night with friends, there are many ways to bring some Halloween vibes into your summertime hangs. The end of summer nicely segues into spooky season as warm days become crisp fall nights and the echoes of playful laughter turn to haunting voices drifting on the wind.

Watch Scary Movies

Given that summertime is really just pre-Halloween, it’s the perfect time to switch up your movie and TV watching selections. During the summer we hang out with friends and generally do everything that protagonists in slasher movies do. All of our favorite summer activities frequently appear as scenarios in horror movies, from camping to swimming and renting a cabin with our friends, so it makes sense to watch something scary during the warmer months.

You can start planning your Halloween-inspired viewing schedule from August through Halloween night. Include all of the classic October movies but also some lesser-known, niche selections throughout August and September to start getting in the spirit.

Start Decorating Early

If you’re ready to grab the Halloween decorations out of your garage, basement, or attic, or add some new additions, you’ve got our blessing. While some people wait until the beginning of October, we recommend starting to decorate earlier. In fact, it’s fun to gradually introduce your Halloween decorations. You can start by putting up a few indoor decorations in August and slowly add more outdoor decorations and animatronics in September and October. We also fully support you in keeping some Halloween decor up year-round.

Create the Ambience

There are lots of little details you can focus on to get yourself in the Halloween spirit. This could mean putting up Halloween lights, putting spooky screensavers on your TV in the background, or even using a fog machine if you’re an elite home haunter with an outdoor set-up. This might also mean putting on some spooky music or scary soundscapes. Music and sound can go a long way when creating a mood that evokes the Halloween spirit.

Take a Spooky Trip

There are plenty of spooky things you can do and places you can visit within a short drive from where you live. Maybe you camp out in a creepy forest or visit a spooky cemetery. You could even look at a list of creepy tourist attractions across America. Whatever you decide to do, taking a spooky trip with friends is a great way to combine fun summer activities with Halloween inspiration. Maybe as the leaves turn orange, you’ll have some spooky stories to share from your summertime adventures.

Visit Some Haunted Attractions

Visiting a haunted attraction is super fun during fall months, so start by making plans now to visit a few haunted houses with your friends. Plan on going early in the season to take advantage of shorter lines, cheaper prices, and so you can enhance your overall Halloween season. You could be looking forward to a small local haunt or making a trip to one of the country’s biggest attractions, but planning now can build excitement for your favorite time of year. If you really want to make the most out of your trip, study up in Ghost Hunting 101 and go from being an amateur ghost hunter to a paranormal investigator extraordinaire!

Choose a Costume

Whether you choose a solo look, a couples’ costume, or a famous duo or group costume, starting to plan now will ensure you find a costume that you’ll be excited to wear. If you plan early, you might even be able to wear your costume to several Halloween parties throughout October.

We have an array of costumes and all of the accessories you need to bring your costume to life, whether it’s a scary character or an anime cosplay.

Plan a Halloween Party

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a well-conceived Halloween party. Whether you have one big Halloween night blowout or several small get-togethers, having a Halloween party is a great way to immerse yourself in the spirit of the holiday. From specific themed parties to a low-key,  good time with friends watching some horror movies, we’ve got everything you need to complete your spooky aesthetic.

Visit a Spirit Halloween Store

Heading to your local Spirit Halloween store is the best way to get in the Halloween spirit! Every year, people anticipate the opening of their first local Spirit store as the official start of their Halloween season. This year, several Spirit Halloween enthusiasts couldn’t wait until our flagship store’s grand opening on July 29th in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. To get in the Halloween spirit, they started camping out in front of the store three nights before we opened!

Tyler, the first person to arrive, said he and his online friends planned this trip months ago.

“I just thought it would be really fun to be first in line…I’ve been coming to [the flagship] since 2017…I know how dedicated people are in this community and I knew people would try to be first…But overall, it’s just for the experience…We knew no matter how long we’d be here that we’d find a way to make it fun!”

When asked what getting the Halloween spirit means to him, Tyler said,  “…I am always in the Halloween spirit…Every day is Halloween-related in some way…I honestly don’t know how I ended up being this obsessed, but I just am! You’ve got to do something you love to be happy and that is exactly what I am striving to do!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Want to see what the hype is all about? Find your local Spirit Halloween here. Our online store is also open year-round! Whether you need a brand new costume, decorations for your entire house, or just some more Funko Pop figures to add to your collection, we have all the latest and greatest items you’re looking for.

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