Who doesn’t love a good urban legend? We know we do! In honor of being more than halfway to Halloween, we wanted to share our favorite creepiest, crawliest creatures from popular urban folklore.

Sometimes there’s no explanation for things that go bump in the night, but sometimes… there is. Keep reading to make sure you know what to look for next time you’re camping in New Jersey’s Pinelands, or exploring the treacherous Scottish shores of Loch Ness…

The Jersey Devil

The legend of The Jersey Devil has haunted the imagination of New Jerseyans for over 250 years. There are many popular interpretations of this hellish creature’s origin, but the story of Mrs. Leeds is the most widely recognized.

Mrs. Leeds, a mother of 12, was an 18th-century resident of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens. When she discovered that she was pregnant with her 13th child, she was distraught. In a moment of upset, she wished her child would be born a devil. Legend says that when Mrs. Leeds birthed her baby months later, her wish had come true. A dragon-like beast with large, leathery black wings, a horse’s head, hooved feet, sharp talons, and a long-forked tail was born! The newborn devil escaped through an open window and disappeared into the Pine Barrens marshes.

The Jersey Devil is still rumored to roam the hidden marshes of the Pine Barrens, killing livestock and terrorizing nearby residents… You definitely don’t want to be caught exploring these woods on your own. If The Jersey Devil catches sight of you, there’s no telling what he might do!


Meet everyone’s favorite misunderstood giant! Bigfoot, sometimes called Sasquatch, is a large, muscular, ape-like creature who is said to roam the forests of North America.

Bigfoot is a notorious recluse. So, if you can get past this mysterious beast’s intimidating 10-foot frame, super strength, and hairy exterior, he really is a chill guy! Bigfoot’s shy nature has finally won over the hearts of Americans, who in recent years, have started to view him as a gentle, protector of the forest.

If you’re looking to spot Bigfoot yourself, his favorite spots are rumored to be within heavily forested areas of California, Oregon, and Washington. While sightings don’t happen very often, you might catch a glimpse of his 16-inch footprints or hear his unusual shrieks and screams echoing through the forest.

But who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself face-to-face with this (hopefully) friendly giant…

Loch Ness Monster

You might know her as the adoring Nessie, but we can assure you that this legendary lake monster is anything but cute and cuddly. The Loch Ness Monster is a large, long-necked creature that lurks deep within the waters of the Scottish Highlands. Nessie is said to have large flippers, a humped back, and an elongated neck, known for jutting just above the surface of Loch Ness waters.

This water serpent can be dated back to ancient Scottish stone carvings, depicting an unknown aquatic creature attempting to attack swimmers and fishermen along the shores of Loch Ness. If Nessie catches you swimming in her waters, don’t be surprised if she decides to turn you into a mid-day snack!  

The Yeti

The Yeti, or the Abominable Snowman, is Bigfoot’s distant and not-so-friendly cousin. The Yeti is a white, shaggy-furred, ape-like beast who stalks the snowy Himalayan mountains. Unlike Bigfoot, The Yeti’s folklore describes him as a savage and dangerous creature.

With enough strength to rip you apart with his bare hands, this icy giant isn’t someone you want to cross paths with any time soon. Some even believe that The Yeti is responsible for several disappearances across the Himalayan mountains, where he is said to prey on innocent wanderers and travelers…

Next time you’re camping out in the snowy mountains, or skiing with your pals, don’t forget to look over your shoulder every so often for this oversized snow monster!

The Chupacabra

What do you call a vampire, dog, and alien hybrid? A Chupacabra, apparently! The Chupacabra is a folkloric creature that’s known for its vampiric taste for blood. According to Britannica, the Spanish word “Chupacabra” translates to “goat-sucker.”

The Chupacabra has been described as a canine-like creature, with a row of sharp spikes down its back and large, piercing red eyes. As if this wasn’t creepy enough, other witness accounts argue that the Chupacabra is a scaly, reptilian creature from an alien species.

First sightings of the Chupacabra can be traced back to Puerto Rico during the late ‘90s when unsuspecting farm owners began to discover the drained, barren leftovers of the Chupacabra’s late-night massacres of their livestock—yikes!


A fair warning to all the insect haters out there—proceed with caution!

Mothman is a 10-foot moth-like creature with glowing red eyes and a wingspan that stretches nearly twice the size of his body! Mothman was initially spotted in 1966 when a West Virginian couple reported being chased by this hellish beast while driving down the interstate.

Point Pleasant, West Virginia has now become a popular tourist destination for those eager to spot a glimpse of this glowing, red-eyed demon and his tormenting antics. Thinking about planning a visit? Make sure to leave your pets at home, as Mothman is also notorious for stealing pups in the quiet of the night… I mean c’mon, this guy is a real monster!


Known for capsizing entire ships and dragging sailors to the deepest depths of the ocean, The Kraken is a giant sea monster from Scandinavian folklore. This legendary crossover between an octopus and squid is reportedly the size of a large island, or even a cluster of islands, with several enormous tentacles—each reaching nearly a mile in length.

While the Kraken has a knack for tormenting unaware sailors, he also has a very real taste for human flesh. Rumored to skulk the waters off the coasts of Norway and Greenland, the Kraken is every superstitious sailor’s worst nightmare!


Krampus is Santa’s not-so-nice partner in crime. Krampus, a half-goat, half-demon, originates from Germanic Christmas traditions. While good ole’ St. Nick rewards children with sweets, toys, and fun, Krampus has other plans for those who didn’t make the nice list this year.

The lore says that naughty-listers are beaten with branches, stuffed in sacks, whisked away to Krampus’s wicked lair, and sometimes even get… eaten! This evil Christmas counterpart is enough to keep you up at night…

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