Spirit Halloween has everything you need to prepare for a night of dancing around a fire at midnight with your best witchy friends. Gathering your coven is a great chance to hang out, recite incantations, and indulge in all things spooky and mysterious. We’ve got lots of costumes and accessories to bring dark magic energy to nights filled with mayhem and memory-making.

When it comes time to plan your party, Spirit Halloween has the perfect drinkware for spooky mocktails and milkshakes or even something for more spirited potions. We’ve also got Ouija Boards and accessories to spice up your witches’ gathering with some spiritual contact. Whether you’re a good witch or a bad witch, Spirit Halloween has everything you need to make this season fabulous, fantastic, and extraordinary.

1. Witch Costumes

Witch costumes are essential for celebrating your dark doings and enhancing your look as you enter your witchy era. These costumes are perfect for Halloween parties or even just your next coven hang. Light some candles and put on spooky movies while you celebrate your group’s mystical power.

2. Witch Makeup

Sometimes witch makeup means covering yourself in green face paint, and sometimes it means applying a more subtle and enchanting beauty makeup. There are endless ways to create witch makeups that are both mesmerizing and mysterious.

3. Accessories

Don’t forget that you need witch accessories to complement your outfit and to help you convincingly cast your spells. We’ve got brooms, wands, and hats to help you whip up incantations and look good while you’re doing it.

4. Witch Decorations

Witch decorations will help you complete your witchy vibe, whether you go for a swamp witch scene or that of a more elegant practitioner of the dark arts.

5. Witch-Themed Bags

Our witch-themed bags allow easy on-the-go access to all the ingredients for your spells. Who knows when you’ll need to unleash an impromptu hex? Or, for the more mundane witchy accouterments, make sure you have room for some makeup, keys, and a wallet before your next full moon broomstick ride.

6. Coven Clothing

Get your vibes together by outfitting your closet with some witchy fits. Add a dark element to everyday looks or get fully in touch with your magical side and let the world know about your affinity for witchcraft.

7. Witch Jewelry

Complete your evil and enchanting look with a selection of witch jewelry. Beyond witch costumes and accessories, jewelry can complete the look of a dark sorceress. We have pieces that incorporate designs of spiders, pentagrams, bones, and Baphomet for some spooky elegance.

Do you and your coven have everything you need for your next Halloween gathering? You can also read our blogs about what to serve at a Halloween party and how to throw a full moon party to prepare for your next spooky gathering, while the timeline of the Salem Witch Trials and witch facts blogs can catch you up on witch history. Find us on social media @spirithalloween to tell us about your coven and tag us in any of your coven pics.