November 18th is Mickey Mouse’s birthday! Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney in 1928, and he’s been spreading happiness and fueling imaginations ever since.

While Mickey Mouse’s career started in black and white, it has since blossomed into vibrant color. His bright red pants and sunny yellow shoes are universally recognizable, and his ears have come to be synonymous with happiness.  Mickey Mouse inspires creativity, originality, and fun.

From his start in Steamboat Willie (1928) to the way we see him today, Mickey Mouse has been charming audiences for nearly a century. In honor of one of the most iconic characters in entertainment history, here are six facts about Mickey Mouse that may surprise you!

Mickey Mouse Fun Facts

1. Mickey Mouse always wears gloves

Animators chose to give Mickey Mouse crisp white gloves for two primary reasons.

First, gloves helped to make Mickey appear more human.

Second, white gloves stood out against the at-the-time grainy black-and-white film, adding contrast and clarity to Mickey’s gestures.

2. Mickey Mouse wears red pants

Mickey’s red pants are nearly always a part of his signature look! They are almost as infamous as his big round ears.

3. Mickey Mouse was almost named Mortimer

When Walt Disney first imagined the lively Mickey, he considered naming him…Mortimer! While this had a nice ring to it, Walt Disney’s wife Lillian ultimately suggested the name Mickey.

4. Mickey Mouse has sparked real-life romance

Wayne Allwine became the third person to officially voice the character of Mickey Mouse in 1977. In 1986, Russi Taylor was selected to voice the character of Minnie Mouse. The two voice actors were married themselves in 1991.

This heartfelt story mirrors the deep love that Mickey and Minnie have shared for one another throughout their animated adventures.

5. The first Mickey Mouse toy was created in 1930

Charlotte Clark, a seamstress based in Los Angeles, designed the first Mickey Mouse plush doll. After studying the look of the character, she created a doll that met Walt Disney’s expectations for high quality.

Since then, hundreds of wildly popular toys including cars, planes, and music play sets have been inspired by Mickey Mouse. 

6. Mickey Mouse has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Mickey Mouse is the first fictional character ever to earn a prestigious star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 1978, he was honored with a star in celebration of his 50th year of fame.

You can celebrate Mickey Mouse’s birthday by dressing up in red pants and mouse ears, watching your favorite Disney movies, or just spending time with friends and family! Happy birthday, Mickey Mouse!