You’ve gotten your spook on for Halloween and gobbled up a bunch of turkey on Thanksgiving, now it’s time to get in the holly jolly holiday spirit and get excited about the Christmas season. We’re obsessed with the holiday season at Spirit, and love finding fresh and fun new ways to celebrate each year with our fans! Christmas carolers, hot chocolate, and decorating the tree are all just the beginning of what the most wonderful time of the year has to offer.

There’s no better way to make your home the ultimate stop for Santa this holiday than by going all out with your outdoor Christmas lighting and Christmas décor. We’re going to be giving you five tips that will help you to create the best Christmas lights display in the entire neighborhood. With these suggestions, you’ll have adults and children of all ages wanting to come over and check out the holiday festivities.

Picking a Christmas light theme

The beginning of every great Christmas light show always starts with an awesome and unforgettable theme. Whether you’re going for a classic Christmas look adorned with reds, greens, and golds, a Santa’s workshop theme with plenty of décor and animatronics, or the classic winter wonderland filled with hues of blue, white, and silver all over, you can never do wrong when you start with a solid foundation. Brainstorming and coming up with ideas with your friends and family is where things begin to take shape and your very own idea of the ultimate Christmas display will begin to come to life. No idea is too big or too small with a little Christmas magic!

Incandescent vs. LED Christmas lights

One of the biggest choices you’ll have to make regarding your Christmas lights setup is the type of lights that you’ll be using to illuminate your home. Choosing the right type of bulb for you comes down to factors like price, lifespan, length, color, and more. Did you know the first electric Christmas lights were invented by Thomas Edison in 1880 and were hung around his laboratory in Menlo Park, NJ?

Today, the two most common types of Christmas lights are incandescent and LED lights. LED lights in general, tend to be more efficient, durable, and longer-lasting than your typical incandescent lights. Not only that but LEDs are also considered much safer due to them not burning out as much and not being hot to the touch. Incandescent lights can be a great snag if you’re on a budget but in our opinion, you can never go wrong with a good reliable string of LEDs to light up your home.

Multi-colored vs. solid Christmas lights

Once you’re all set on the type of lights you’ll be using, it’s time to pick a color to match. The age-old debate between multi-colored lights and solid white lights has gone on for decades but in the end, it all just comes down to preference. Want something subtle and traditional? Going with some all-white solid string lights might be the way to go. Going for a display that’s a little more vibrant and modern take on the holiday? Going with some multi-colored LED lights will be the perfect way to light up your home this Christmas. Don’t forget about your theme when choosing the color that’s right for you!

Add some inflatables

You’ll need more than a single set of string lights on the gutter to take home the crown of the best-decorated home in the neighborhood. Own the title of Christmas decorating champ with ease by getting some Christmas-themed inflatables to spice up your winter wonderland.  Inflatable snowmen, Christmas trees, and reindeer are essential for making your display look just like a scene from the North Pole. Add a few Christmas inflatables to the mix and you’ll have the neighborhood blown away by your dedication to décor.

Add some music

Everyone knows you can’t have a real Christmas celebration without Christmas music! Setting up lights and decorations for your home this Christmas will feel so rewarding once you hear guests singing and dancing along with your outdoor light show.  Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that all the best Christmas light shows have music to go with them so it’d be a huge miss not to include it in your display this year. Keep on jingle bell rockin’ this holiday by adding some classic Christmas tunes to your light show and the neighborhood will be sure to take notice.

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