Whether or not you’ve got your Halloween costume finalized, here are 20 fun Halloween date ideas to get the most out of the season. Maybe you’re in a long-term relationship and are eager to mix things up, or just started dating someone and want to impress them with an exciting night (or day) adventure. Either way, Halloween can be a fun time to explore frights of all kinds, or events that only take place at this time of year. Some of these Halloween dates you can even do right at home! Best of all, you can dress up in couples costumes—even if it’s not October 31 yet—to have an even more thrilling time. So whether you’re looking for a Halloween date night at home or want to hit the town, you’ve got plenty of options.

Without further ado, here are our suggestions for Halloween dates that let you celebrate this holiday with your partner:

1. Dress up for a Halloween parade

What better way to both see and be seen than a Halloween parade? If your town or a nearby one has a parade, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your costume (or costumes, for those who can’t pick just one). If you can’t get enough of Halloween costumes, you could wear one to the parade and one to hang out with friends or go out to a Halloween party.

2. Go trick-or-treating

While most of those going door to door looking for candy are kids, if you go all out with your costume, who’s going to say no to you when you ring their doorbell? Wander your neighborhood trick-or-treating in your couples costumes. Unlike when you were little, there’s no one who’ll make you wait to eat your treats! You can nibble on your favorite sweets in between houses.

3. Visit a haunted house or attraction

Being scared together is more fun than being scared by yourself! Find a haunted house or attraction that’s designed to make you more scared than you’ve ever been. If you’re near the Philadelphia area, you could go to Pennhurst Haunted Asylum. Whichever haunted place you visit, make sure you’re prepared to be truly frightened!

4. Attend a Halloween movie screening

Many movie theaters host Halloween film nights to get everyone into being scared alongside their fellow Halloween fans. Some even encourage you to dress up in costume! Find a local theater, choose your best outfit, load up on popcorn and enjoy the thrill of scary flicks alongside fellow fans.

5. Host your own Halloween movie night

If you prefer cozying up under a blanket with your favorite snacks and watching horror movies at home, that can be a fun date night too. Plan your movie selection ahead of time, dim the lights, and hit play. Your partner will be there to squeeze your hand when things get truly terrifying. Check out our Halloween movie countdown for 31 terrifying horror flicks that are sure to be a total scream.

6. Visit a pumpkin patch

Selecting a pumpkin is a super fun fall date. You can find the perfect pumpkin to put on your porch and make this seasonal activity a special time for the two of you. Whether you want to decorate your pumpkin, carve it, or leave it alone, this is the perfect fall couple outing as you get ready for Halloween.

7. Carve a pumpkin together

If you’re crafty types, the two of you can carve a pumpkin together. Deciding what kind of pumpkin look you’re going for and then actually working together to make it happen with your carving skills can help you bond as a couple. Then you’ll get to look at your handiwork throughout the season! This is a fun Halloween date night you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

8. Attend a ghost tour

Get super spooky and attend a ghost tour. Whether or not you truly believe in life beyond the grave or are just doing it as a lark, a ghost tour is the perfect foray into the paranormal.

9. Attend a Halloween cocktail event

If there’s a local bar or restaurant hosting a Halloween cocktail event (and you’re over 21), this can be a fun date and a chance to try some new drinks. Put on your Halloween finest and prepare to taste the full range of the season’s drinks.

10. Walk through a graveyard

Spend an evening wandering the grounds of a graveyard together. Maybe you’ll hear a ghost whispering in your ear, or you can make up stories about the people whose graves surround you.

11. Decorate your house for Halloween

If you spend all year counting down to October 31, you know that planning how to decorate your house for Halloween is all part of the holiday joy. Decide on what you want your theme to be and then together you and your partner can make it come to life (or death, if you prefer). Whether you’re going for spooky or fun Halloween decorations, this is the perfect way to transform your home and get ready to show it off.

12. Host a Halloween party

Once your house is all decked out with ghosts, skeletons, animatronics and spider webs, you’re ready to host a Halloween party! Mingle with your friends and show off your costumes as you wait for them to scream in fright when they catch a glimpse of your own over-the-top haunted house. You can personalize it even more by giving your party a theme, like Ouija, and making it truly memorable.

13. Go to a Halloween-themed escape room

What could be more fun than trying to get out of an escape room themed around Halloween? If there’s one near you, you can gather another couple or two and join forces for a fun afternoon or evening.

14. Attend a costume contest

If you’re particularly proud of your group or couples costume this year, why not try to win Halloween—literally—by entering a costume contest? Planning for it can be a fun way for the two of you to go all in on Halloween.

15. Go to a jack-o’-lantern display

What’s better than one jack-o’-lantern? Thousands of them! If you’re lucky enough to live near an event like Minnesota’s Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, which features thousands of these lit-up carved pumpkins, it makes a cool date that’s sure to dazzle your eyes.

16. Make caramel apples

Creating your own seasonal treats like caramel apples is a fun way to get a little sticky and be rewarded with a delicious dessert at the end. For this activity, we don’t recommend wearing your costume unless you cover it up with an apron!

17. Build a fire and tell ghost stories

A dark evening with just the two of you in your backyard, with the wind whistling and a fire roaring is the perfect time to outdo each other by telling your scariest ghost stories. Have a mug of cider or hot chocolate handy and see if you can truly spook your partner.

18. Try a corn maze

Similar to the problem-solving thrill of an escape room, a corn maze offers you an outdoor adventure that will put your minds to the test. Treat yourselves to a favorite meal once you escape. This is a perfect fall activity while the weather is good. It’s certainly a date you’ll be talking about long after you get home.

19. Cook a Halloween-themed meal

There are countless ways you can turn an ordinary dinner into one that’s playful and a little bit spooky. Take some time to select Halloween recipes like chicken pumpkins, with a crispy witch’s hat for dessert. Then dress in costume at the grocery store, set the mood with some spooky lights, and serve yourselves a holiday treat that may be almost too frightening to eat—even if you know what’s in it!

20. Shop at Spirit Halloween

If you haven’t heard, spending some time exploring all the scary animatronics, costumes and accessories at your local Spirit Halloween is October’s hottest fall date. Whether you’re just browsing or want to pick up some spooky décor items to place around your house, our stores are a total Halloween lovers’ adventure. Find a Spirit Halloween store near you!

We hope you enjoyed these Halloween date ideas. Did we miss one you’ve loved? Let us know at spiritblog@spirithalloween.com!