Three cheers to 100 years! No. 100 Days. Wait, what? More and more schools are participating in celebrating their 100th Day of School, and as a way to celebrate, teachers are encouraging their students to dress as what they think they would look like at 100 years old! Obviously we are all for finding reasons to dress up year-round, so we are definitely behind this!

Here are a few dress-up ideas for your kids’ 100th Day of School:

100-Year-Old Man

100 Days of School Dress-Up Old Man

Grumpy Grandpa

As soon as your little one slips into this, he’ll almost instantly be telling all of those young whippersnappers in the other classrooms to pipe down! No need to worry about wearing any suspenders to keep his trousers from falling, either—these plaid pants are attached to the shirt, vest, and bow tie so everything will stay in place throughout the entire school day. A grey comb over wig will definitely age your little old man. Have your own outfit already and just need the extra accessories? Wearing the wig, bow tie, and suspenders from the old man costume kit will really help him look an entire century old.

100-Year-Old Woman

100 Days of School Dress-Up Old Lady

Giddy Granny

As if the nagging finger and the “just got woken up” attitude aren’t enough to convey her old age, then wearing this entire granny costume will hands down get the job done. With the included babushka and padded butt, this costume is sure to give her entire class a huge laugh! You can really sell the whole look by drawing wrinkles on her face and giving her a pair of grandma glasses. The only question left is if she’ll be doing homework or feeding the birds in the park after school.

100-Year-Old Teacher

Old Woman Wig

You just love shaping the minds of those hooligans so much that you could never see yourself stopping, even at 100! Join the rest of your class and age yourself by wearing a silvery grey wig, glasses, and a loudly printed dress or pleated pants that will age you about 60 years. If you really feel like riling them up, dress in a full granny costume when you’d normally never even dare to wear a dress!

The 100th Day of School is going to be even bigger this year, so make sure that you’re not missing out! When the entire class is dressed up, there will be an endless amount of photo ops that the entire family will love. Don’t forget to dress like a 100-year-old for the 100th Day of School!