There’s a hair-raising holiday around the corner, and it’s not Halloween. October 25th is National Chucky Day! With eight mega-popular movies under his belt and a new TV series that premiered on Syfy and USA this month, there’s no shortage of reasons to celebrate Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll.

Child’s Play shocked audiences in 1988 with its red-haired, blue-eyed antagonist, Chucky. Possessed by the mind and soul of fictional serial killer Charles Lee Ray, Chucky is fueled by murderous rage. When six-year-old Andy Barclay’s mother purchases Chucky from a peddler, her son is thrilled to have his very own best friend. What Andy doesn’t yet know is that Chucky will bring years of chaos and destruction to nearly everyone in his wake.

Chucky taps into the terrifying idea that even something as innocent as a doll might be watching you from a dark corner of your bedroom, quietly waiting for an opportunity to destroy you. Despite many attempts to defeat the diabolical doll, Chucky proves to be really difficult to get rid of permanently. While Chucky’s incredible staying power is bad news for Andy, it’s great news for fans of quality horror films!

Here are 10 ways to celebrate National Chucky Day:

Dress like Chucky

The best way to appreciate Chucky’s power is to become him. As soon as you slip into an official Chucky costume complete with a fiery red wig, you’ll begin to understand what it’s like to be explosively wicked.

Cuddle up with a Chucky doll

“Hi, I’m Chucky. Your friend till the end.” It’s time for bed! Turn off the lights, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, and let the nightmares begin. When you cozy up with a Chucky doll, you’ll be face-to-face with a pair of piercing blue eyes and mangled skin every time you open your eyes. Sweet dreams!

Host a Chucky movie marathon

Follow Chucky from his days as Charles Lee Ray, through his twisted relationship with Tiffany Valentine-Ray, and all the way to present day. From his debut in Child’s Play in 1988, his sordid love story in Bride of Chucky in 1998, a vicious stint in Cult of Chucky in 2017, a rotten reboot of Child’s Play in 2019, and many more stories in between, Chucky has enjoyed a long reign of terror.

Gather your bravest friends, set a spooky scene in your living room, and get ready for a week-long Chucky movie marathon! Settle in for a classic Chucky movie every night at 8 p.m.; the first person to chicken out has to sleep with a Chucky doll for a month.

Play Chucky trivia

Who was Chucky’s very first victim? What’s the name of Tiffany’s pet spider? Once you’ve reached the end of your Chucky movie marathon, you can host a Chucky trivia party! Find out who among your friends paid close attention to every action-packed scene throughout the marathon, and who spent most of the time squeezing their eyes shut in fear.

Make Chucky-themed snacks

Knife-shaped cookies, a Chucky and Tiffany-themed wedding cake, and red velvet cupcakes to honor Chucky’s red hair are just a few unsettling snacks that will complement your Chucky movie nights perfectly. What other Chucky-inspired snacks will you whip up?

Give yourself a Chucky-inspired makeover

What is it about Chucky that makes him so fascinating? Chucky could likely pass for a harmless doll with the exception of one major detail: his face! Scars, blood, and abrasions adorn Chucky’s face, painting a terrifying picture of his troubled history. This Chucky makeup kit includes everything you need to copy his mutilated look.

Dye your hair red

Did you know that natural redheads make up less than 2% of the world’s population?  Join this unique bunch (including Chucky, of course) by dying your hair red! Who knows? You might love it.

Not ready to commit to a dramatic hair color change? Try a temporary red hairspray or a playful red wig.

Carve a Chucky pumpkin

Create a petrifying pumpkin in Chucky’s likeness! Your neighbors will freeze in fear when they see his devious face lit up at night.

Read up on the chilling inspiration behind Chucky’s character

While Chucky is a fictional character, his human name (Charles Lee Ray) is influenced by three real criminals: Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray.

Spook Your Friends

We all have that one friend who thinks horror movies are silly. “This stuff is so obviously fake!” they’ll proclaim as Chucky claims his next victim in a gruesome fit of violence. This friend is the perfect target.

Get a Chucky doll, plant it in your friend’s bedroom (consider a bookshelf or a dresser drawer), and wait for a frantic phone call!

Have a pleasant National Chucky Day! Enjoy celebrating your favorite red-haired rebel, and remember to watch out for the good guys.