Spirit Halloween
So Much Fun It's Scary!®
Only Days Until HALLOWEEN!


Trixy the Clown Adult Womens Costume
Online Only Exclusive
Spots the Clown Adult Costume
Online Only
Ringmaster Adult Mens Costume
Online Only

Bring all the fun to the Halloween party as the friendly couple wearing our circus costumes! Be part of the traveling act in a Ringmaster costume along side your Lion Tamer sidekick. Or get silly and entertain the kids with a colorful clown costume or as the court jester in a renaissance kingdom! But don't forget that everyone has a dark side so don't be surprised if you get tempted into an evil clown costume. Finally, if you want to keep the mystery alive, grab a mime costume and you will be everyone's partner during charades. No matter what, you can't go wrong finding a costume in our circus section!