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Zombie Babies

18.5 Inch Hung Up Hank Zombie Baby - Decorations
16 Inch Deceptive Dougie Zombie Baby - Decorations
Ded Blocks Zombie Baby - Decorations
Pacifier Zombie Baby - Decorations
Goryious Baby - Decorations

The walking dead comes in all shapes and sizes now, so really freak out all of your guests and trick-or-treaters with our zombie baby decorations. They may seen cute and cuddly, but these zombie babies are out for one thing… brains! With their eerily living dead eyes and bloody thirst, you might be scared setting them up yourself. Don't be surprised when you catch some of these Halloween decorations nibbling on a brain or even their own foot. No need for a binkie or formula for this baby. Grab your favorite undead baby right here at Spirit Halloween and get ready to fall in love with the entire collection.