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Body Parts

14.5 in Hanging Clown Head - Decorations
Online Only Exclusive
Bloody Brain - Decorations
16 in Intestines - Decorations
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Human Heart - Decorations

You home will quickly turn into a display for all your victims body parts when you pick up some creepy body party Halloween props to decorate your home. These realistic fake body parts will catch everyone by surprise when you hide them amongst the food. We have a light up life size realist heart that is great as decoration or even as part of a anatomy lesson! Don't forget to stash some amputated bloody body parts around the house to freak everyone out! Pick up a shrunken head in a jar, a bloody brain, or even an intestines to set your butchers backyard barbeque scene for the scariest Halloween scene. Body parts are a great Halloween prop to add to your home this year!