Spirit Halloween
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Only Days Until HALLOWEEN!
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Cherry Print Thigh Highs
Cat Eye Clear Lens Glasses
50's Black Rhinestone Glasses
Cat Eye Glasses Necklace
Red Bow Eyelashes
50's Pink Rhinestone Glasses
White Pom Poms and Megaphone
Puff Cigarettes
Rock a Billy Wig
Socks With White Ruffles
Black and White Polka Dot Headband
Poodle Sock
Jewelry Set
Blue Pom Poms and Megaphone
Nerd Glasses
Pop Art Wig
Red Pom Poms and Megaphone
Pin up Red Adult Wig
Womens Black and White Saddle Shoe
Rockabilly Kit
Red Short Satin Gloves
50's Prom Purse
White Socks with Black Bows
Rosie Wig With Scarf

Sock hop into every partygoer's heart this Halloween when you wear these spunky 1950’s character accessories. Kick up your saddle shoes and slide on some rhinestone glasses for the school dance. Want to be the school stud? Sleek back a greaser wig and fake cigarette and watch all the ladies fawn over you at the race. Accomplish that too-cool-for-school look with these 1950’s staples.