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Only Days Until HALLOWEEN!

Weapons & Armor

3 Ft Foam Ax
Online Only
Knight Crusader Shield
Online Only
Lothar Stormwind Shield – World of Warcraft
Online Only
Orgrim's Doomhammer - World of Warcraft
Online Only
Durotan Axe - World of Warcraft
Intricate Double Axe
Foam Jagged Axe
Sleepy Hollow Axe
Online Only
Steampunk Cane
Online Only
Shepherds Staff
Online Only
She Ra Sword - Marvel

No costume is complete without the Halloween weapons and armor to match. Whether you are defending America's honor using Captain America's shield or a special ops laser cannon gun, you want to always be prepared to protect against your enemies. Even those who battle on the choppy sea can find a pirates sword to protect their booty. Every hero, anti-hero, and villain has a weapon or shield of choice, so ensure that you win the costume contest and get extra candy by picking them up. Just remember, no princess is going to want a knight in shining armor missing his gallant sword, so grab one right here at Spirit Halloween!