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Star Trek

Star Trek Spock Wig
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Star Trek Spock Vulcan Ears
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Star Trek Phaser Gun
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Jump aboard the SS Enterprise and boldly go where no man has gone before with Star Trek costumes from spirithalloween.com! Go out trick-or-treating as Captain Kirk and bring along Spock, Scotty, Sulu and Uhura for a night full of antics in deep space. Keep the neighborhood safe from the bad Klingons and befriend the kinder ones! When you need an out of this world costume idea, Star Trek is one that never fails. Join the Starfleet in keeping peace for the United Federation of Planets in one of our Star Trek costumes. Be the pair that can't be reckoned with as Captain Kirk or Spock as you travel in the Enterprise and go on interstellar adventures. Or be the communications officer on USS Enterprise in a Nyota Uhura costume. Just make sure to show off your Vulcan ears as you really emphasize your Spock costume. Grab a Star Trek uniform and a Phaser Gun and your will be ready to go somewhere no man has gone before this Halloween.