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Schoolgirls & Nerds

Nerd Costumes

Nerds are cool, no matter what anyone says! Get your study on and be proud of your grades this Halloween when you dress up in a nerd costume of a schoolgirl costume. Being a nerd is tough, but dressing the part is super easy when you come to Spirit Halloween! We have all the plaid you’ll ever need to portray the cutest nerd there is! Add some nerdy accessories like bow ties, suspenders, glasses, pocket protectors and more, and you’ll definitely be named “most likely to succeed” at the next party. Want to add some gore to your nerdy look? Dress up in a zombie nerd costume or a zombie school girl costume and pay all of those bullies a visit. They’ll regret ever picking on you! We have a wide variety of adult halloween costumes that are sure to make your Halloween 2018 come to life! Get to shopping now!