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  • Spooky Electra Lamp

Spooky Electra Lamp

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Great for some creepy ambiance, this spooky electra lamp comes with both base and bulb. This skull-shaped plasma light is the perfect piece to create an immediate jolt for any Halloween party, dorm gathering and more. The unique glow and design is created by electric charges, twirling and plunging inside glass globes filled with phosphorous gases that add a vibrant glow to the electric arcs. This lamp features blue glass with red phosphor. Collect the Electra Lamps in various shapes and colors to electrify any room setting.
  • INCLUDED: 1) Bulb and 2) Base
  • Care: Wipe with dry cloth
  • Keep at least 3 feet from other electrical appliances
  • Radiant and captivating Mini Spooky Skull Electra Lamp
  • Colored glass shape filled with electric charges mixing with phosphorous gases
  • Will add a colorful glow to any space
  • Features blue glass with red phosphor
  • Product Size: 6"W x 8"H

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