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  • Overbiter Appliance Kit
  • Overbiter Appliance Kit

Overbiter Appliance Kit

Item# 01267988

Some bite their nails, but it looks like you've been biting your face! This Overbiter Latex Appliance will help transform you into a zombie or a unique monster you create, and includes a bumpy forehead piece, a piece that goes above and around the mouth, and a piece for the chin. The mouth and chin pieces both have teeth. Just blend the appliances with makeup and prepare for everyone to be amazed!

  • Overbiter Latex Appliance includes:
    • Forehead piece
    • Middle piece
    • Chin piece
  • Material: Latex.
  • Dimensions: Forehead piece - 6.5". Middle piece - 8.5". Chin 5".

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