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New Arrivals

Décor New Arrivals

6 Ft Monty Animatronic
6 Ft Lord Raven Animatronic
6 Ft Bog Zombie Animatronic
3 Ft Bag O’ Bones Animatronic
2.6 Ft Lucky Bottoms Animatronic
Beetlejuice Sandworm Groundbreaker Prop
6 Ft Nozzles the Clown Animatronic
Sanderson Sisters I Put a Spell On You Movie Moment Funko Pop Figure - Hocus Pocus
The Haunted Mansion Gargoyle Candle Holder - Disney
Wretched Ralphie Zombie Baby
Chompin' Connie Zombie Baby
Hocus Pocus Binx Statue
Lydia Deetz Plush - Beetlejuice
3 Ft Deadly Creeper Animatronic
Barbara Doll Decoration - Beetlejuice
Adam Doll Decoration - Beetlejuice
Hocus Pocus Journal - Deluxe
Hocus Pocus Tea Light Candle Holder Set 3 Pack - Disney
Beetlejuice Plush
The Haunted Mansion Candle Holders - 3 Pack