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Funny Group & Couples Halloween Costumes

Funny Group & Couples Halloween Costumes

We know how important it is to coordinate with all of your friends, especially on Halloween. When you’ve got a crew, a funny group costume is a perfect way to show off your friendship and all of your hilarious personalities. If you and your friends have always been dimed as class clowns, our funny group costumes bring you one step closer to roaring laughter on Halloween night. No matter how many friends you have in your group, Spirit Halloween’s funny group costumes are designed to cater to all parties, so you’ll never have a problem creating the perfect look. The funniest costume award has your names written all over it! After all, a Halloween filled with horror needs some sort of comic relief, right?

For laugh out loud funny group costumes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll get to explaining some of our favorite funny group costumes in a little bit, but until then, work on your jokes so you can bring even more laughs to the Halloween party.

Funny Couples Costumes

Whether you and your partner are attached at the hip, or you can’t imagine going out on Halloween without your best friend, Spirit Halloween has funny couple’s costumes for only the funniest of dynamic duos. Two is always better than one, especially when there are laughs attached. Our funny couple’s costumes are perfect for every fun and easy-going couple that’s not afraid to make a hilarious entrance to every party. All eyes will be on you when you rock a matching funny couple’s costume!

We’ll outline some of our favorite funny costumes, but ultimately the humor is in your hands! Pick the perfect costumes so you can wear the funniest couple’s costume crown this Halloween. 

Funny Group and Couple Costumes

Our Halloween experts have sat down and handpicked some of our funniest group and couple’s Halloween costumes, so you can have the funniest night of your life.

Let us start off by saying: Keep it clean. Dress up as a bar of soap while the rest of your friends are dressed as colorful loofahs! You can never have too many loofahs, and there’s definitely enough soap to go around. Don’t worry, though. You can keep it simple with one bar of soap and one loofah. Just don’t get caught in the bathroom or you might be mistaken for the real deal!

Alright, if you want to get a little dirtier this Halloween, we’ve got it. You’ll become a legitimate party animal when you pick your favorite animal to portray this Halloween. Take a walk on the wild side and turn every party into a zoo! You and your friends can master your animal sounds, so your animal costumes are the most authentic. It’ll be hilarious watching you and your crew mimic animals and act a little wild on Halloween night. Plus, our animal costumes are super comfortable and perfect for repurposing as pajamas on a chilly night in loungetown.

Express yourself and your emotions when you and your squad dress up as your favorite emojis! Talking with emojis has become a hobby, and honestly, a form of art. Using emojis to speak is something that takes hard work and dedication, so this Halloween is your opportunity to truly express who you really are with one of our many emoji costumes! You and your partner, or your group of friends can each pick their most used emoji and show up as an emoticon squad! Everyone who loves technology will get a total kick out of the look, especially If there’s a poop emoji on board.

For all of our customers that have a sweet tooth, maybe we can convince you that funny group costumes are the best with a s’mores costume! If you’ve got a trio that’s totally sweet, this group costume is one for the books! You and your friends will look ridiculously tasty as you travel to the party as a fan favorite campfire snack! Just be careful no one tries to take a bite! For all of the couples that love getting a little romantic, we’ve got the perfect funny couple’s costume for you. You’ll be able to take romance and put your own hilarious spin on it when you dress up as wine and cheese! There is no better duo, and it’s the perfect way to show everyone how well you fit together. You know what else goes together really well? Peanut butter and jelly! You’ll be the talk of the town and the cutest couple at the party when you show up in a PB&J funny couple’s costume! Are you in the mood for something salty? How about pairing up as a hot dog and a hot dog bun, because seriously, you can’t have one without the other! If you’ve got two more friends that really want to be a part of your costume, have them dress up as ketchup and mustard! There’s no doubt you’ll be the wiener of the costume contest.

You can create the perfect funny group costume or funny couple’s costume when you shop here at Let your personality shine through and your humor light up every room you enter! You and your friends are sure to be the hit of the party and something to be remembered for years to come!