Elsa Costumes

Do you want to build a snowman? Oh, it’s not that kind of weather yet? Well. Maybe you could put on an officially licensed Frozen Elsa costume and try using your magical ice powers (sold separately) to turn the entire town into eternal winter. Too dramatic? Okay, let’s settle for just dressing up in an Elsa Halloween costume and going trick-or-treating. Forget princesses; Elsa of Arendelle is the perfect character to dress up as this year, especially now that she’s a queen! Walk around the neighborhood like you’re royalty and if someone tries to give you trick instead of a treat, make sure to dramatically swing your cape around while saying “The cold never bothered me anyway.” Your little one will love dancing around or trick-or-treating in a Frozen 2 Elsa dress. You can’t forget to finish off your Elsa costume with blonde clip-in extensions, matching jewelry, and so many other accessories. After all, what kind of Snow Queen would you be without any of that? The best part of all is that an Elsa costume can be worn way after Halloween. Feel like watching Frozen? Slip on this frosty blue dress and you’ll not only be more excited for your millionth viewing, but you’ll also instantly look the part!