If you didn’t know, Spirit Halloween loves dressing up, and since it’s not quite Halloween yet, we have compiled a list of our favorite Renaissance Faire costumes.  Renaissance Faires, or Ren faires for short are outdoor weekend festivals that recreate a historical setting by incorporating theatrical acts, arts and crafts, delicious food and more. You may be wondering what you should wear to one of these things, and we’re here to tell you. Real Ren Faire experts would probably suggest you dress more 16th Century if you want to go all out and fit right in. The most important thing about dressing for the Ren Faire is that you are comfortable and having fun. Decide what kind of character you want to portray, and then pick your costume. There are Ren Faires everywhere, so find the closest one to you, and get ready to celebrate the 16th century like you never have before! Here’s a list of our favorite Ren Faire characters, so you can dress the part!


Whether you are a seasoned Ren Faire expert or a first timer, it’s fun to be as authentic as possible. Treat yourself like a princess when you slip into a gorgeously, elegant gown that screams Renaissance royalty! A glamorous princess deserves a detailed bodice, puff sleeves, crowns, and many more fancy accessories. Make sure to carry yourself with elegance if you are portraying a royal character!


Every princess needs a knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet. If you’re looking for your fair lady, go to the Ren faire decked out in your best armor. Make sure to bring a helmet, a sword, and maybe even a shield in case you have to battle for love. Don’t forget that if you go dressed as a knight, you are a model of nobility, so playing the part is extremely important.

Pirate or Wench

We know what you’re thinking: Pirates at a Ren Faire?! The pirates that are found at the Renaissance Faire are not related to swashbuckling pirates, but thought up from pure fantasy. If you want to explore a fantasy character, dressing as a pirate might be your best bet. Pirates at the Ren Faire are normally found wearing the color black, and carrying around feathered hats. Wenches are usually covered in silk and pounds of jewels. But, remember, since these Ren Faire pirates are fantasy characters, you can create a persona of your choice.


Another popular costume you’ll find at a Ren Faire is a gypsy. If you are a wandering, carefree person, this is the perfect costume for you. Just like the pirate option, you have free reign to create whatever kind of fantasy character you want when you dress up as a gypsy! If you want to create an authentic look, stick to colorful shirts and blouses with skirts or pants. Color is key, but steer clear of neon. In addition, stay away from fire engine red, because Gypsy’s associate this color with blood, which is connected to bad luck. Add a BUNCH of jewelry (male or female) and you’ll be ready for your next Ren Faire extravaganza!


Long skirts and aprons for women… Tunic shirts and leggings for men. If you want to stay comfortable at the Ren Faire, this may be the way to go. If you’re a woman over thirteen years of age, and want to follow all of the “rules” of Ren Faire costuming, make sure that your hair is covered by some sort of headgear. A peasant never threw out old garb, but instead paired it with new garb to sort of “recycle,” for lack of a better word.  If you’re creating a peasant look, you may want to layer your clothing and stick to muted earth tones as your color choices.

So, it seems to us that the coolest part about the Renaissance Faire is that you get to create your own character and portray their personality however you want! If we could give you one tip, it’d be to have fun with your costume. You are completely in control; we’re just here to give you suggestions.  If you’re ready to attend a faire, here’s a list of some of the most popular fairies and festivals around. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your Ren Faire costumes to spiritblog@spirithalloween.com!