Halloween is the best time to add some new horror merch to your collection. Maybe you want more spooky decorations for your home, a new costume for Halloween night, or to add collectibles to your year-round horror stash. Whatever you’re looking for, Spirit Halloween has some of the best horror merch from the most iconic horror movies.

These items are perfect for any horror movie lover or Halloween enthusiast, especially those who just can’t get enough of their favorite films during the month of October. Read on to discover some of the horror gear we can’t live without this season!  


Based on the actual haunted Raggedy Ann doll of the same name, Annabelle was given to infamous demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren to contain its evil influence. She now wreaks fictional havoc in the terrifying, titular films from The Conjuring universe.

Annabelle is arguably the scariest doll in our current horror era. From the first moments in The Conjuring when we see her “Miss me?” note scrawled in red crayon, we haven’t been able to look away. Showcase your love of this unnerving doll horror with our officially-licensed Annabelle costumes and merch!


Beetlejuice is an iconic 1988 Tim Burton film that has become a Halloween staple included in most Halloween movie lists and countdowns. The combination of spooky vibes and humor made Beetlejuice an instant classic we still obsess over to this day. Check out all of our official Beetlejuice costumes and merch, Beetlejuice décor, and more! Just remember not to say his name three times.


Gremlins is one of the best movies you can watch during both Halloween and Christmas. You probably loved watching Gremlins as a kid, and it’s still amazing today. These cute but potentially deadly mogwais can melt your heart or terrorize your town. Bring some fun, Halloween-Christmas 80s nostalgia home with our selection of Gremlins costumes, masks, and merch. You can even carry around a Gremlins lunch box

Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees has one of the most iconic masks in horror. His mask is so genre-defining that it has almost become shorthand for horror, itself. Add some iconic horror elements to your home with Friday the 13th costumes, merch, and decorations. Just make sure to run if you hear the “ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma” sound.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger’s glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street indelibly shaped modern horror iconography. Freddy first terrorized theater audiences in 1984 and hasn’t left our nightmares since. We can hear his voice and see his face, sweater, and hat when we close our eyes. 

Now you can look just like Freddy by putting on A Nightmare on Elm Street costumes and clothing! Bring the nightmare into your home with cool Freddy Krueger décor or merch. We’ve even got an officially licensed, metal Freddy Krueger replica glove. Just remember Heather’s immortal words: “Whatever you do…don’t fall asleep.” 


Pennywise, from Stephen King’s evil clown novel, It, ruined clowns for many of us. Whether it was the book, the 1990 TV miniseries, or the 2017 remake, Pennywise the dancing clown taps into his victims’ dark fears and our own. He has become the epitome of the scary clown in the modern era of horror and a perfect choice for Halloween costumes and decorations.

Bring home the horror of Derry, Maine this Halloween and scare everyone in sight with our Pennywise costumes, masks, and merch. We also carry It Georgie costumes, decorations, and drinkware.  Proudly rep the Losers Club or your favorite demented, interdimensional clown with all of our officially-licensed items. Just beware of red balloons.     

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