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Using the Reel FX Gothic Jester, Horror Makeup Kit


Step 1:

Clean hands and make sure skin area is clean using toner.

Step 2:

Align and cut your latex mask from your kit to fit your model's face, making sure the eye areas are clear.  This mask is recommended for a full size adult, but if the appliance is still too big, fill all hollow areas with cotton.

Step 3:

Pre-color your mask using colors from your kit.  Use a thin paint brush to apply the color and use baby oil to help blend and move the makeup color.   To recess any part of the mask, use dark colors.  To accent higher points, use lighter colors.  The gray color you see on the mask is a combination of white, black and blue.

Step 4:

Lightly coat the bridge of the nose of both your mask and your model with spirit gum. (Spirit gum is a contact adhesive.  For best usage, let it get tacky on both sides before placing parts together.  Apply pressure for 30 seconds.)  Work from the inner to outer edges of your mask, one section at a time with the spirit gum.  Move up to the forehead, then under and around the eyes. Finish by adjusting and adhering the chin piece.

Step 5:

Take a sponge and dip it into liquid latex.  Carefully blot (stipple) over a thin layer to the edges of your mask.  Place ripped sheets of facial tissue (no straight edges!) over the liquid latex, then put another thin layer of liquid latex over the tissue to set it.  This will aid in blending and sealing your edges between the mask and the model's skin.  Let dry and powder.

Step 6:

Color any additional details with your Reel FX Gothic Jester, Horror Makeup Kit.  Pay special attention to the edges around the eyes and any exposed skin that needs blending.  Black, red and white was used from the tray in the picture.  Red and black crayon was also used.

Step 7:

Put on a wig, and you're finished!  (Wig is not included in kit.)


Gently use any oily makeup remover and slowly peel back and use a q-tip to put the makeup remover under the mask.  Wash with soap and warm water.

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