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Tate Steinsiek Mask Collection

Sock Face Mask
Cyber Punk Skull Mask
Old Man Winter Mask
Peeled Clown Mask
Glare Doll Mask
Crispy Zombie Clown Mask
Shattered Doll Face Mask
Bebop Mask - TMNT
Rocksteady Mask - TMNT

If you watched Syfy's Face Off, then you may be familiar with Tate Steinsiek. Well Spirit Halloween loved him too and that is why we have collaborated with him to create these awesome Tate Halloween masks! This one-of-a-kind mask collection includes creepy characters like a shatter doll face or even a peeled clown mask. If you are looking for something completely terrifying, you may find it with the glare doll masks featuring an icy blue eye staring at the victims that come in your path. Don't forget a creepy take on a traditional character like old man winter. If you are looking for something totally different this Halloween but completely terrifying, then pick up one of the exclusive Tate masks here at Spirit Halloween.